Thursday, Feb. 8, was a happy day for the congregation of our Southwest Church. The congregation came together for the purpose of sharing their pastor’s joy in celebrating the 25th anniversary of his ordination into the Ministry. To the Schipper family that date had triple meaning for on it the birthday anniversaries of both father and daughter were also celebrated. The congregation enjoyed a dinner in the church parlors before meeting in the auditorium for the program. Guests included Rev. Schipper’s father and mother from Holland, Rev. and Mrs. H. Hoeksema, Rev. arid Mrs. G.M. Ophoff and Rev. and Mrs. C. Hanko. Rev. Hoeksema gave a speech on, “The Minister And The Book.” The musical portion of the program consisted of a male quartet, a piano-organ duet, and an accordion-electric guitar duet. In behalf of the congregation, Mr. Ted Engelsma, consistory clerk, presented Rev. Schipper with a purse in token of their love and esteem and in appreciation of all he means to them. At the close of the meeting, Rev. C. Hanko led the congregation in a prayer of thanksgiving to their God who graciously gave such a great privilege to His faithful servant.

Edgerton’s Feb. 11th bulletin announces a change of date, from Feb. 22 to March 5, of the advertised lecture sponsored by their Men’s Society. The postponed lecture was the one scheduled to be presented by their pastor, Rev. B. Woudenberg, on “The Christian’s Attitude Toward War.”

Another coming event for our Western Churches is a “Mission Night” sponsored by Hull’s Ladies’ Society. A program has been arranged including an address by our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers. He plans to speak on his missionary labors under the theme, “The Word of God is not Bound.” And, indicating the close unity of the neighboring churches, the people of Doon and of Edgerton are invited.

Following his good custom whenever a worthwhile speech is rendered in his or a neighboring church, Rev. VandenBerg prints and offers for distribution copies thereof. The last one so prepared is a copy of the speech by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema given at the Dedication of their new school in South Holland.

Bulletin Quote (Lynden’s): “A family is the seminary of the church and state; and if children be not well principled therein, all miscarries: a fault in the first . . . is not mended in the second. If youth be bred ill in the family, they prove ill in church and commonwealth. There is the first making or marring, and the presage of their future lives to be thence taken, Prov. 20:11“—Thomas Manton.

The Lord willing, the Rev. Hoeksema hopes to continue his current series of radio messages for the Reformed Witness Hour during the month of March. He has selected the In one of the February meetings of the Hull Ladies’ society the after recess discussion centered around the subject of celebrating Holy Communion, touching upon such aspects as children’s participating, and the use of the common cup.

At the beginning of this year’s society season the following paragraph appeared in Oak Lawn’s bulletin: “Active participation in the society activities of the church is an indication of spiritual interest in the things of God’s kingdom; spiritual interest is a token of spiritual life; and spiritual life is nourished and strengthened by the Word studied and discussed in society. God blesses us through the processes which He Himself has instituted in His church.” And in his Feb. 18 bulletin Rev. Vanden Berg writes: “On Monday evening the Men’s Society meets, giving us the opportunity to talk together about God. Tomorrow we will discuss Rev. 22:1-6 and after recess the 4th Commandment will be discussed. Men, do you have more important things than these to talk about tomorrow night?” People of God, young and old, re-read the above item, applying the circumstances to fit your society, and answer the question to the glory of God.

Remember, “. . . . that they which do such things (the works of the flesh) shall not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace; longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” Gal. 5:21, 22, 23.

. . . . see you in church.