News From Our Churches

The Prot. Ref. High School Circle sponsored a public meeting of the friends of our own high school Nov. 12, at Southwest Church in Grand Rapids. The speaker was Prof. H.C. Hoeksema and his topic was, “Parental Obligation Respecting Protestant Reformed Secondary Education.” In this way the High School Circle is doing the School Society a service by helping to arouse the interest of the parents in the necessity of having our own high school, besides doing the parents a service by making them aware of their responsibility in this vital matter.

Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, was scheduled to speak at a Reformation Day program at Hull Nov. 1st. His topic was, “The Authority of Scripture.” Beacon Lights benefited from the offering taken at this meeting.

Sunday afternoon, Nov. 1, First Church’s Senior Young People’s Society invited the Junior Society to its after recess session which featured a talk by Mr. Fred Hanko, teacher at Adams St. School. Mr. Hanko’s topic was, “Christians and Politics.” Because this program was but two days before the National Elections, it was one of lively interest, even to the youngsters not yet of legal voting age, because of the discussions around their dinner tables. The thrust of the speech was that as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven we must make all things subservient to that citizenship. After the talk Mr. Hanko quite successfully parried the questions from the young people, some of which showed a keen aware: ness of the issues involved.

The Eastern Ladies’ League Fall Meeting was held in First Church in Grand Rapids, and the Western Ladies League meeting was at Doon, Iowa. Detailed reports can be found elsewhere in this issue.

The Junior Young People’s Society of First Church, in Grand Rapids, sponsored a Home Talent Program Sunday evening Nov. 15. The offering was for the rebuilding of Rev. Elliott’s tabernacle in Islington, Jamaica. The program’s theme was “Thanksgiving,” and was carried out by means of music,—vocal and instrumental,—and with a speech entitled, “And Let Us Give Thanks,’: by Miss Lynn Tryon of the Senior Y.P. Society of the church.

The Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed School Society is steadily making progress. A membership meeting was called for Nov. 13 to discuss matters pertaining to school construction.

Redlands’ Young People’s Society is studying the first of two letters written by a great Man of God centuries ago. The letter is one addressed to a young fellow-helper who had been left behind at Ephesus to further instruct the saints in that city. The writer: Paul; the addressee: Timothy, his son in the faith.

Bulletin Quote (Kalamazoo’s): “Mere moral preaching only tells people how the home ought to be built. Gospel preaching does more, for it actually builds the house.” A.W. Toplady.

Unofficially the news is out: Holland’s new church home has been built. It is not yet ready for services, but we expect our next news page will be able to report that good news.

Randolph’s Nov. 15 bulletin carried this brief announcement: Rev. and Mrs. G. VanBaren express their thanks to God for the gift of an infant daughter this past Friday. Mother and baby are doing well.

Let’s share with Oak Lawn’s people their pastor’s observation regarding preparation for society meetings: “The minimum preparation consists of preparing questions on the material to be discussed; the maximum preparation consists in being prepared to answer all the questions asked.”

To round out the news of Thanksgiving season activities: a Thanksgiving Day Singspiration was scheduled to be held in Southeast Church Nov. 22; and Hope’s School program was held in First Church’s auditorium Nov. 20 under the theme, “Now Thank We All Our God.”

In Randolph’s bulletin we found this gem written by a certain Mr. Shelton while musing on a familiar story in the Old Testament: “You tempt God to suffer your locks to be cut when you are so bold to lay your head in the lap of temptation.” And still one more quotation, this one hiding a sharp barb ‘neath its surface: “It is true,—’Worship renews the spirit as sleep renews the body.’ It is also true—’These two cannot be done simultaneously.'” 

. . . see you in church.