From the Radio Comm. of our Reformed Witness Hoqr we have received the following contribution: The Publicity Comm. of the Radio Comm. has been given the assignment of compiling information regarding our Distinctively Reformed Radio Programs for a “Newssheet” which, D.V., is to be published two or three times a year, Many interesting items are planned for these news bulletins, such as letters from our listeners, future plans of the Radio Comm., etc. As you no doubt know, the Ref. Witness Hour is “sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Churches of America,” therefore the newssheets will be mailed to all our congregations for distribution to our Prot. Ref. people. The Comm. hopes that these publications, the first to be distributed this month, will prove to be interesting and informative to all of those who support our Radio Ministry.

From Redlands’ bulletin we learn that the Sunday School teachers asked the people to meet a few moments after the morning service, Feb. 11, to invite them to join the Sunday School in a “songfest” on Easter Sunday.

Redlands’ Ladies’ Aid Society sponsored a social, Feb. 23, the proceeds therefrom earmarked to help pay the expense of instructing their children in the Christian Day School. A short program was planned, including some Psalter singing by the Sunday School children.

Hudsonville’s Mr. and Mrs. Society is starting a program of special missionary activity. Their first move was a letter to our denominational Mission Committee inquiring into various possible modes of endeavor.

Hudsonville has recently organized a Choral. Society numbering twenty-one charter members, with the prospect of increasing the rolls in the future.

Did you know that our Iowa churches did not have services Sunday, Feb. 18? Doon reports that a Saturday snowstorm left over twenty-four inches there. We wonder what the ministers did with that unexpected vacation with its resulting time saved—that of making two sermons.

The latest pamphlet to come off The Reformed Witness presses is, “The One Mediator,” written by Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa. The author divided the material of his message under three headings, “The Need of a Mediator,” “What Kind of a Mediator,” and, “Who the Mediator Is.” Thus the witness of our Western Churches goes forth to many hundreds of readers outside our denomination. May the King of His Church bless these means to the gathering of His harvest.

Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, has unsuccessfully attempted to conduct a series of lectures in Menno, South Dakota. To this date all buildings suitable for public gatherings, either private or public, have been denied him for this purpose. Even in our country which is founded upon the precept of freedom of religion the true church will increasingly experience persecution, even until all public worship will be forbidden upon pain of death. May we correctly interpret this sign as one of the fulfillments of the prophecies concerning the last things and heed the warning of our Lord, “Watch ye therefore for ye know not the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh.”

. . . . see you in church.