In the near future you should begin to see advertisements for a “Child Development Conference” under the theme, “Bringing up Children in an Increasingly Evil World.” The Kalamazoo committee has formed the basic outline for the day’s activities. The desire of the group from Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church is to include parents, teachers, ministers, and young people on panels that will discuss the proper spiritual development of our covenant children in more concrete situations through various phases of life. Time will be allowed for audience participation. This looks to be a very worthwhile day in which we can be strengthened in our understanding of an important fact of covenantal living. 

Loveland Protestant Reformed Church has recently made changes in their order of worship. The reasons given for a moment of silent prayer are these: “It will give recognition to the need for the corporate body of Christ (minister, elders, deacons, and members) to pray together for God’s blessing on the service” and “It will teach our members to pray personally before the worship service.” The reasons for the consistory greeting the congregation as they exit from the auditorium are that “This will give better expression to an orderly conclusion for the worship service”; “It will given an opportunity to the office bearers to express greetings to the congregation and thus express the true love for one another in Christ”; “Opportunity will be given to welcome visitors who are present for worship”; and “The elders will be better able to supervise the attendance of members at the worship services.” May God bless these changes. 

If you wanted to call Rev. & Mrs. Heys in New Zealand at 8:00 PM Wednesday, their time, from Grand Rapids, you would have to call at 2:00 AM Wednesday, Grand Rapids time. In other words add 18 hours to our time or, if you prefer, subtract 18 hours from New Zealand time. In either case the telephone number 011-64-4-697-856.