Kalamazoo’s Annual Congregational Meeting held Dec. 2 included consideration of a permanent place of worship, and the newest outlet of the Reformed Witness Hour over their local WKPR beginning Dec. 6. Rev. Harbach was the speaker for the first few weeks.

Holland’s congregation joyfully held services in their new church Dec. 6. Two divine services, five Sunday School classes, a senior catechism class, and a Young People’s Society meeting made their new home a busy one that day. It was rather a spiritually emotional experience as witnessed by one of feminine members who wrote to a friend that “I’d kept the lump in my throat under control during most of the singing, but when it came to the doxology, ‘Blessed be the Lord,’ my heart had to sing what my lips could not form.” The members of the Men’s and Ladies’ societies will especially appreciate a warm place in which to meet where they won’t have to wear overcoats and boots to be semi-comfortable. Even the Sunday School teachers can hardly wait to give their Christmas Program in a real church again. The congregation’s confession is: “The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.”

The ladies of Hull’s congregation held a “cleaning bee” in their newly acquired church Nov. 23, beginning at 8:30 in the morning, with time out only for a sack lunch fortified with coffee from the kitchen.

In the Dec. 1st issue you learned that the Jr. Y.P. Society of First Church gave a Thanksgiving benefit program to help Rev. Elliott in Islington, Jamaica to rebuild his tabernacle. Upon receipt of that gift Rev. Elliott wrote in part, “How God has blessed that day! . . . . . . By the help of our God we shall have a prayer and, thanksgiving service next Lord’s Day here at Islington with the 17 churches of our group. This is to thank our God for the brethren in Grand Rapids, Michigan who sent us of their material goods.” Rev. Elliott was especially grateful to the young people of whom he says: “In whose hearts God has put the spirit, as children of Abraham, to help us in Islington to build a little better tabernacle in which to praise our Glorified Redeemer.” May this kindling of the spirit of sharing increase among our churches until it may approximate the ardor revealed in the early church as depicted for us in Acts 2:45, “And sold their possessions and goods and parted them to all men, as every man had need.” There is so much need in Jamaica!

In the Installation Service of Elders and Deacons January 1 or January 3, let us all be mindful of the prayer offered in their behalf, and firmly resolve to “submit ourselves to their good exhortation. . . . . . . and have liberal hearts toward the poor . . . . . to the end that every one acquitting himself of his duty, God’s Name be thereby magnified.”

Rev. R.C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, will be the January Reformed Witness Hour speaker. His theme will be taken from the Epistle of John and the sermon titles are, Jan. 1—”Fulness of Joy;” Jan. 10—”God is Light;” Jan. 17—”Cleansed From All Sin;” Jan. 24—”The Reality of Sin Denied.” The topic for the 31st is not yet available.

Loveland’s consistory began the annual Family Visitation the week of Nov. 9. Sunday evening, Nov. 8, Rev. Engelsma preached on Acts. 20:28 —”Taking heed to the flock,” to prepare the congregation to welcome the visitors in their official capacity as under-shepherds of our Lord Jesus Christ Who said, “I am the good shepherd.”

Redlands’ pastor, Rev. C. Hanko, and his catechumens are appreciating a gift of the Ladies’ Society a new set of maps. Mr. M. Gaastra made a rack to house them and from which they may be displayed.

The Ladies’ Society of Hudsonville invited their local Mr. and Mrs. Society and the Men’s Society to a joint meeting Dec. 15 to share an evening of fellowship around the Word of God.

From the Adams St. “Announcer” we learn that a Teacher’s Convention was held in Hope School on Thursday evening with Mr. Lanning speaking to the teachers of Hope and Adams on, “The School Psychologist.” On Friday morning delegations from South Holland and Oak Lawn joined the others to hear a speech by Miss Agatha Lubbers on, “Physical Education.” The afternoon session featured Mr. R. Moore who spoke to the teachers and principals about their duties toward each other, the board, and the parents, in his speech, “The Christian School Administrator.” It was agreed that the distinctive note which permeated the speeches and discussion made the convention educationally and spiritually invaluable.

Bulletin Quote (Randolph’s) “I used to think that God’s gifts were on shelves one above the other; and the taller we grew in Christian character the more easily we could reach them. I now find that God’s gifts are on shelves one beneath the other; and that it is not a question of growing taller, but stooping lower. 

—F.B. Meyer

See you in church ……..