Rev. Arie den Hartog has declined the call extended to him by the congregation of our Southeast Church in Grand Rapids. Their new trio consists of candidates Ronald Cammenga, Carl Haak, and Ronald Hanko. 

The consistory of our church in Hull, Iowa has made a trio consisting of Rev. A. den Hartog and candidates Cammenga and Haak. 

Hope Church in Walker, Michigan held a special congregational meeting on the evening of June 25. From a trio of Rev. den Hartog, Rev. Jason Kortering (a former pastor of the congregation), and Rev. James Slopsema, a call was extended to Rev. Slopsema. A proposal to expand the church by eleven feet was defeated. The proposed expansion would have enlarged the coatroom and narthex area. 

Hope’s pastor, Rev. Ronald Van Overloop, accepted a call from our church in South Holland, Illinois, to labor as home missionary in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Rev. Van Overloop preached his farewell sermon in Hope Church on July 1. A farewell program was planned for Thursday evening, July 19. Rev. Van Overloop is scheduled to be installed as Missionary at a special worship service in South Holland on the evening of Friday, July 27. Rev. Van Overloop is then scheduled to preach both services in South Holland on Sunday, July 29, D.V. 

Our congregation in Loveland, Colorado has extended a call to Rev. Marvin Kamps of Doon, Iowa. 

Rev. G. Van Baren and Rev. M. De Vries visited with the group in Skowhegan, Maine who have requested organization as a Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. Van Baren and Rev. De Vries are serving on a committee appointed by Classis East. In Rev. Van Baren’s absence, Rev. Wayne Bekkering, pastor of our church in Houston, Texas, and Rev. C. Hanko preached for the Hudsonville congregation on June 17.

The Ladies’ Society of Hudsonville sponsored their annual Senior Citizens’ picnic in Hagar Hardwood Park on Tuesday, June 19. This is the time of year when many church picnics are scheduled. Some of our western churches schedule their annual picnics on July 4th. That makes a double holiday! 

Professor Robert Decker lectured in our church in Holland, Michigan on June 26. His topic was “The Church’s Calling to Missions and the Believer’s Calling to Witness.” The lecture was scheduled earlier in South Holland. 

The Young People’s Societies of our churches in the Northwest Iowa — Minnesota area held their Spring Banquet in Doon, Iowa on June 11. Rev. Marvin Kamps was the scheduled speaker. 

In addition to the ‘Summer Society’ now meeting in Hudsonville, Hope in Walker, Michigan is holding a summer Bible Study Class for all ages on Tuesday evenings. Their topic for discussion is the Sermon on the Mount, beginning with Matthew 5. Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan has scheduled a summer series of classes on Wednesday evenings. Rev. Bruinsma is leading these classes on the topic of the History and Doctrines of our Churches. 

Our church in Randolph, Wisconsin scheduled a public lecture in their church on Tuesday, May 29. Rev. Herman Veldman spoke on the topic of “Prayer.” Refreshments followed the lecture. 

Randolph began their yearly family visitation the first week in June. The theme of this year’s visits is “The Importance of Personal and Family Devotions.” 

Our church in Holland, Michigan celebrated the 50th anniversary of the congregation with a special program on July 3. In honor of this occasion, a special booklet was produced. The booklet was dedicated to Rev. Marinus Schipper as the only living charter member of the Holland congregation. The booklet contains a history of the congregation, a message from their pastor, Rev. John Heys, and greetings from Rev. Schipper, Rev. Jason Kortering, candidate Ronald Cammenga, and seminarian Deane Wassink, all sons of the congregation. 

The South Holland bulletin included this ‘thought for contemplation’ from the pen of John Calvin: “After God has bestowed all things freely upon us, He requires nothing in return but a grateful remembrance of His benefits.”