Rev. Lubbers has declined the call extended him by our Loveland Congregation.

Rev. and Mrs. G.M. Ophoff attended church services Sunday evening, April 1, after a few weeks absence due to illness. Your cards and letters, should be addressed: c/o Beacon Lights Rest Home, Marne, Michigan.

In order to have pulpit supply for as many services as possible while their pastor, Rev. Lanting, was in Loveland, Holland’s consistory scheduled afternoon and evening services March 18 and 25.

Advance Notice, appearing in many of the bulletins: Reserve the evening of April 26 for the lecture to be given in First Church. Rev. H. Hoeksema will lecture on the topic, “The Calling of the Christian in Regard to Culture.” Let us see if a lecture can bring out a crowd as in former times before the advent of home entertainment via the air waves.

. . . . see you in church.