Randolph’s Consistory announces the following trio from which they will choose one to call to be their minister: Revs. R.C. Harbach, G. VanBaren, G. Vanden Berg.

A news item from the Program Comm. of the Reformed Witness Hour: The Lord willing, Sunday, May 27, with the usual introduction—”Dear Radio Audience”—the Rev. 8. Hoeksema will preach the last of his current radio messages. Since the first week of December the pastor of First Church has been heard on the broadcasts of our “Protestant Reformed” Witness Hour. Highlighting the past twenty-six weeks of Rev. Hoeksema’s radio ministry was the; airing of the 1,000th broadcast of our distinctively Reformed Radio Program. During this month we hope to send out four radio programs, the sermon titles of which are: May. 6—”The Resurrection Body,” May 13—”The Spiritual Body,” May 20—”The Image of the Heavenly,” and the final Sunday of the month—”Victory Over Death.” The Committee takes this opportunity to thank Rev. Hoeksema for his efforts and wonderful cooperation enabling the committee to send these messages over the airwaves, and the Lord willing, hopes to record the “dominee” again next December. Our readers can obtain copies of the radio sermons by writing to The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Annual Spring meeting of the League of Men’s Societies was held in First Church Monday evening, April 16. Special music was furnished by the Adams St. School Band which rendered four selections. Rev. G. Lanting of Holland led in opening devotions and presided. The speaker for the evening was the Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, Illinois. His topic was, “The Healing of Babel’s Mortal Wound.” The speaker asserted that the purpose of the Anti-Christian kingdom, from Nimrod and the Tower of Babel to the final manifestation of the Man of Sin is to maintain itself in the lie, and to escape the Curse without the Cross. The mortal wound at Babel, he said, was the confusion of speech, which included their minds, desires, ideology, philosophy and entire psychological make-up. The speaker described the healing of that wound as it will occur under the reign of The Son of Perdition when men’s minds will be molded to that of the Anti-Christ, and his ideology will be shared by his subjects. The Divine purpose, according to Rev. Heys, is that the tree of sin must bear all its fruits in the development of Adam’s sin. Further, that God will display His Justice, Holiness and Righteousness to the sinful world; and His grace to His Church will be revealed when He gathers them out of that world ripe for destruction. After recess business was transacted and questions regarding the lecture were answered by the speaker. Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church, led in closing prayer.

The Western League of Ladies’ Societies met in Doon Tuesday afternoon, April 13, with the. Rev. B. Woudenberg, of Edgerton, speaking on, “Christian Communism in Acts.”

The Eastern League met in Southwest Church Thursday evening, April 19. The speaker was Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, who spoke on “The New Heavens and Earth.”

On April 10 Doon’s Men’s Society was host to their Ladies’ Society in their annual get-together. April 16 Edgerton’s men met in combined meeting with their Ladies’ Society, and in both cases the adult members of the congregations were invited by them to share this evening of fellowship.

The April 10th Office Bearers’ Conference was held in Hudsonville Church with the Rev. H. Hoeksema as speaker. His topic was, “The Origin and History of Family Visitation and How Can It Be Most Faithfully Conducted.” The lion’s share of the speech was concerned with the faithful exercise of that official work of our consistories, and was a source of welcome instruction for the Elders present which we may expect to find reflected in their visits in the future.

We note that our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, has succeeded in obtaining a lecture hall in Olivet, South Dakota, in the Tripp-Menno area. His March 27th lecture was on, “The Raging of Satan in History,” and April 10th topic was, “The Infallible Earmark of the Last Hour.” The last two editions of “The Reformed Witness” were written by Rev. Lubbers, the one giving full particulars regarding our churches and our Missionary, and the other a brochure on “Christ The Prophet.”

The Men’s societies of Edgerton, Hull and Doon met in combined meeting in the school at Edgerton March 25. Bible discussion was from Romans 11:1ff. Another combined meeting, this time in Oak Lawn, was that of the two Ladies’ Societies of South Holland and Oak Lawn. Rev. Heys was the speaker at the occasion.

The April 8th Beacon Lights Hymn sing was held in First Church with Mr. Edward Ophoff as director. A vocal duet by Mr. and Mrs. C. Jonker and a cornet solo by Mr. Don Knoper provided special music for the enthusiastic audience which sang appropriate Psalter numbers and Easter hymns.

Hope School’s Mothers’ Club is sponsoring a Spring Concert, featuring the Prot. Ref. Men’s Chorus, to be held in Hudsonville Church, May 6, after the evening service.

Hope’s bulletin furnished the following quote from Matthew Henry: “This is Christian patience: I was dumb. I opened not my mouth, not because it was to no purpose to complain, but because Thou didst it, and therefore I had no reason to complain.”

. . . . see you in church.