At their last congregational meeting, Loveland placed on trio the Revs. J.A. Heys, G. Lanting and B. Woudenberg.

Rev. G. VanBaren, of Doon, has received the call from our Randolph congregation: Due to Rev. Van Baren’s absence from Doon because of Church Visitation and Classical appointments he has asked for a three week extension for the consideration of this call.

The above news item from Randolph also listed their new clerk’s name and address—William Huizenga, Waupun, Wisconsin, and that of the treasurer—Donald DeVries; Randolph, Wis. It also contained this poignant statement: “Randolph feels a great need for a pastor, especially for her children and young people.”

While Rev. C. Hanko was lecturing in Oak Lawn on “The New Heavens and the New Earth” on the evening of April 26, his colleague, Rev. H. Hoeksema was lecturing in First Church; Rev. Hoeksema touching upon the same topic in his last point on “The Calling of the Christian in Regard to Culture,” saying that we look forward to that New Creation when in our new bodies we shall practice perfect culture, working with utmost delight.

Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, is presently laboring in Houston, Texas, for a period of four weeks. While there, Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers are living in a house furnished by the people of Houston, one of the rooms being used for a meeting place, seating thirty persons. While the Missionary is absent from his field his pulpit is being occupied by, the Revs. J. Kortering, G. VanBaren and B. Woudenberg.

The Prot. Ref. Men’s Chorus, under the direction of Roland Petersen, rendered one of their usual satisfying programs in Hudsonville church after the evening service, May 6. If any of you had to miss this splendid offering you may be able to enjoy a repetition thereof a few weeks later in First Church. The beautiful sound of male voices singing in four-part harmony is satisfying experience worth your while to change your plans to be able to enjoy it, or, better still, take your “company” with you to share it together. You will agree that it, too, belongs to the Sabbath Day as a part of the picture of the rest that awaits the saints.

. . . . see you in church.