Rev. G. Lanting, of Holland, has received the call from the congregation in Loveland, Colorado.

From the Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour we have received this contribution: Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, professor in the Theological Seminary of the Prot. Ref. Churches of America, will, D.V., be the speaker on our distinctively Reformed broadcasts during June. This month the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ celebrates the Ascension of Christ and the Day of Pentecost. Prof. Hoeksema has devoted his first sermon (June 3) to Christ’s Ascension with a message entitled, “Christ Appearing Again.” His Pentecostal sermon, which can be heard Sunday, June 10, explains “The Blessings of the Spirit Shed Forth.” The succeeding Lord’s Day (June 17) Prof. Hoeksema has chosen for the text of his sermon, Chapter 12, verse 3, of Paul’s first Epistle to the Corinthians. This sermon entitled, “The Confession That Jesus Is Lord” proclaims the unequivocal truth that “no man can say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Spirit.” “Trying the Spirits” (I John 4:1-3) will be the theme of the message to be heard June 24. The Program Committee sincerely hopes that the listeners will receive a blessing through this radio ministry. Are you on the mailing list of the Ref. Witness Hour? The address is—The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

While the Revs. G. Van Baren and J.A. Heys were in Lynden on an official Church Visit, Rev. Harbach invited them to occupy his pulpit, May 6. Rev. VanBaren preached on “The Church’s Eternal Election” in the morning service; the Rev. Heys’ topic in the afternoon was, “Fed By The Risen Lord,” and served as a basis for a Preparatory sermon. A special treat was afforded the congregation in the evening. Instead of the regularly scheduled Young People’s Society meeting, Rev. Heys gave a lecture on “The Kingdom of the Anti-Christ.” An occasion such as this, and utilized in this manner, is an excellent means for a distant church to get acquainted with other ministers of the denomination, and to enjoy a “change of diet,” hearing a Peter and an Apollos preaching the Word of God as does their own Paul, but each with his own divinely appointed talents.

Hull’s bulletin of May 6 listed the name of 9 catechumens. They—Alvina Van Maanen, George Hoekstra, Aletha Kooiker, Karla Kooiker, Edith Hoekstra, Dennis Jansma, Marjean Van Maanen, Jim Jansma, Joan Van Maanen—were being honored for having had perfect attendance records in the catechism year just finished. It is probably just as much the parents’ zeal as that of the children to which Rev. Kortering calls attention when he thus asks the congregation to share his thankfulness for this display of faithfulness to catechetical instruction.

Another notice found in Hull’s bulletin was an excerpt from Rev. B. Woudenberg’s latest Reformed Witness Pamphlet entitled, “Christ The Priest.” Rev. Kortering, knowing human frailty, reminded his parishioners to “be sure and read your copy.”

Did you know that a Holland-Psalm-Sing was held in Southwest Church, May 13, after the evening service? This treat for the psalm singing oldsters was sponsored by the Men’s Society of that church.

The acute minister shortage in our denomination is more and more being reflected in the bulletin notices of our churches, even in those of Classis East which are closer to the available supply. Reading services and change of service times are becoming more and more commonplace in the Eastern Churches as the Western Churches have experienced for quite some time. Young Men, the Vineyard of the Lord needs laborers!

The Society for Protestant Reformed Secondary Education in its Annual Business meeting was an enthusiastic gathering. Besides the election of officers, the society decided to distribute envelopes for a regular source of income; and, as a display of their faith, decided to conduct a drive to raise funds with which to buy property. The men attending this meeting seemingly agreed with the sentiments of the bulletin announcements concerning the meeting which read, “Our responsibility to educate our children according to our convictions did not end when we established our own grade schools. This responsibility extends to a High School as well.” The goal of a Prot. Ref. High School is now one step nearer realization!

Hope Church’s own missionary effort, by way of printed page, is still going strong. The bulletin announcement concerning the collections taken in the month of April showed an offering of over fifty-three dollars to what they call “The Hope Pamphlet Fund.”

To those of our readers who have not heard the lecture of Rev. C. Hanko on “The New Heavens and the New Earth,” and to those who have heard it but nevertheless desire a copy thereof: This announcement appeared in Oak Lawn’s bulletin—”Mimeographed copies of the recent lecture given by Rev. C. Hanko have been prepared. Those desiring a copy may pick one up in the annex. Kindly contribute 10¢ to cover mimeographing.” We venture the guess that one may obtain a copy from Rev. Vanden Berg by mail if the request is accompanied with the stipulated contribution plus cost of mailing. The contents are designed to satisfy the hungry hearts of those who are eager for their future Home.

. . . . see you in church.