Rev. B. Woudenberg, of Edgerton, has declined the call from Redlands. 

The crowded conditions in the auditorium of Hope’s Church has led to a temporary solution. Each Sunday five families are appointed to worship in a basement room, which has been furnished with comfortable seats and a loudspeaker. This will, no doubt, add five families to the growing list each week that eagerly wait for their new church to be erected, and should be a psychological boost to the financial drive currently being carried on. In order to implement this, the bulletin each week lists the families that will be contacted for this purpose. 

Hull’s pastor, Rev. Kortering, has announced de outline of his Lenten series under the theme, ‘Christ, Our Conquering King.” The first three sermons under the subtitle, “His preparation for Battle,” are: “His Face towards Jerusalem,” “Employing His Strategy,” “A King without an Army.” The next four sermons are sub-titled, “The Encounter” with these subjects: “Silence,” “Thorns, the Kingly Crown,” “Golgotha, the Battlefield.” The final two under, “Victory” are: “The Victory Cry,” and “He Is Not Here.”

Each of the sermons are accompanied with their texts, which gives the congregation a splendid opportunity for preparation to receive the instruction from the Word of God as expounded by their pastor. 

The Young People’s Mass Meeting was held Feb. 25 at Southeast Church. The first number on the program, after Scripture reading and prayer, was a piano-organ duet, a beautiful rendition of “Abide With Me.” The speaker of the evening was Seminarian Robert Decker who spoke on, “Love Your Enemies.” The speaker treated his subject by answering three questions, ‘What is the Biblical idea of Love?”, “Who are your enemies?” and, ‘What does it mean to love your enemies?” Our Seminarian developed his theme by stating that Love is from God and that it returns to Him; that our love is a reflection of His Love, and that we must manifest that love to those who despitefully use us; that is: to rebuke him for his sin, call them to repent, and pray that they may be called from darkness into Light. It was truly a Prot. Ref. speech to a Prot. Ref. audience. After recess and refreshments the young people enjoyed a Finn on the Islands of the Caribbean, including Jamaica with some of the people of the First Prot. Ref. Church of Jamaica, Lucea Branch. Rev. M. Schipper, Southeast’s pastor, closed the meeting with prayer. 

In a February meeting of Southeast’s Mr. and Mrs. Society Miss Agatha Lubbers gave a talk and showed pictures of Houston. 

A Soup Supper was served in Hudsonville, sponsored by Hope School’s Auxiliary, and one by Adams St. School was served in First Church. The last mentioned drew a large company of diners, even two from South Holland, Ill. Thus, by means of willing workers and hungry givers amid the friendly atmosphere of Christian fellowship, a substantial boost is given to their respective schools. 

The young people of Randolph Church were invited by the young people of Oak Lawn to be overnight guests Friday, Feb. 21. An evening of spiritual edification and social fellowship was planned by the host society. A pancake breakfast was to be served in the church basement Saturday morning to be followed by other planned activities until the time of the guest’s return to Randolph. Due to unforeseen circumstances this publicized meeting had to be postponed to a subsequent Friday. The bulletin announced this meeting to be a first, but it probably won’t be the last such venture between societies too distant to drive back and forth the same evening. 

quiet and sobering thought from Southeast’s bulletin: “Nothing can long continue sacred to the man who has lost his sense of the sanctify of the Lord’s Day.” 

Twin reasons for rejoicing in the Manse at Oak Lawn: Twin girls were born to Rev. and Mrs. Vanden Berg Feb. 26. Names.—Lois Kay and Linda May. 

According to’ Oak Lawn’s bulletin, Dr. Payson says, “The symptoms of spiritual decline are like those which attend the decline of bodily health. It generally commences with a loss of appetite, and a disrelish for wholesome food, prayer, reading the Scriptures and devotional books. Whenever you perceive these symptoms be alarmed! Your spiritual health is in danger! Apply immediately to the Great Physician for a cure.” 

Have you noticed any symptoms lately? ‘ 

May all the sick and shut-ins share with the saints of old this comforting gem from the Holy Scriptures:. “For this God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide even unto death.” PSALM 84:14

. . . see you in church.