March 1, 1965 

Holland’s congregation experienced an evening of unbounded joy Feb. 18. The occasion was the dedication of their new church. The dedicationprogram, also attended by many of our people from the area, was one of deep gratitude to their faithful Covenant God. From the opening devotions, led by Elder S. DeVries, to the closing doxology, it was a development of the theme expressed in the opening song, “My grief is turned to gladness, to thee my thanks I raise.” 

There were three speakers: Rev. M. Schipper and Rev. J. Kortering, native sons of the church, and Rev. G. Lanting, their pastor. Rev. Lanting remembered the loss of their first church, which also had been dedicated to the Protestant Reformed preaching of God’s Word, and their meeting in cold and gloomy store buildings for over eleven years, all the while basking in the favor of God Who continually led them in the way of the truth. The .speakers all comforted and encouraged the little flock to a re-dedication of their desire to maintain the truth of God’s Sovereignty with all their resources—the new building and the activities therein. 

Music was furnished by Dan Van Kampen and Jerry Vander Kolk on their cornets, accompanied by Jerry’s sister, Ruth; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cammenga gave a vocal duet entitled, “All of the way, Lord.” Miss La Vern Kortering played the organ prelude and accompanied the congregational singing. After the program the ladies demonstrated their new kitchen facilities by serving refreshments to the entire gathering. Congratulations, Holland!

Rev. and Mrs. C. Hanko are extremely grateful to God for the manifestation of the communion of saints as revealed in the trying weeks just gone by. They wish to use this means to express sincere appreciation for the close bond of Christian fellowship manifested especially at this time. Rev. Hanko writes, “Words will never express what your daily prayers, notes and letters of encouragement have meant to us all . . . . . . we want the churches to know that their letters meant so much to us from day to day. One never knows what the bond of communion of saints means, nor the mutual love in Christ Jesus until the way grows dark and lonely, until the load often seems to crush. But one also never knows how grace abounds in such a time, without experiencing it, for the Lord does daily far above all that we can ask or think. Mrs. Hanko is now beginning to take a few steps with the aid of bars; she is regaining some use of her right arm and hand, and also speaks a few words. Only a month ago the doctor told us that she would never walk, never use the right arm and never speak again. Today God shows that He will have His own way with us.”

In “A Letter from our pastor” in Feb. 21st bulletin Rev. H. Hoeksema wrote in part: “I still have pain, but can easily stand it. Last week when I suffered pair I thought of Jesus, how He suffered for me. . . . . . I He suffered under the wrath of God, under which We will never have to suffer. We suffer in His love, Scripture tells us that the suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us: . . . . . And, we should never forget either that all things work together for, good to them that love God, who are called according to His purpose . . . . .”

Upon the request of Kalamazoo’s consistory a new radio station has been added to the list of outlets serving the Reformed Witness Hour: WKPR at Kalamazoo, Mich. After the first broadcast Rev. Harbach wrote a letter to the Radio Committee of First Church, excerpts of which follow: “The members of our church are well pleased with the fact that the RWH radio broadcast has begun locally over WKPR. We have been doing some advertising. Ads have been run on the religious page of the local newspaper for three Saturdays. At present we are advertising over the radio ever) other day by means of a one-minute announcement with appropriate organ-music background. We also announce this on our bulletins and try to pass them or to others. May the Lord bless the radio work more and more.”

The new Clerk of Redlands’ Church is Mr. E. Gritters, 934 College Ave., Redlands, Calif. 92373.

The Feb. 9th meeting of Holland’s Ladies Aid Society was held at the home of Mrs. N. Yonker in Muskegon. Mrs. Yonker has been a shut-in for many months due to a hip fracture. Her recuperation has reached the point now, that she can get about with the aid of a walker.

The Mary-Martha Society of Southeast Church joyfully announced the fact that the amount needed to complete their Carpet Fund has been reached. Via bulletin notice they thanked the congregation for their generous response to the appeal for help in this project.

Because the Reformed Witness Hour is not broadcast in the Chicago area Rev. Heys receives copies of the weekly tapes for his own enjoyment. And because of interest shown by members of his church he is offering opportunity to hear these sermons in group session on Sunday afternoons. 

. . . . . see you in church.