News From Our Churches

Edgerton’s nonagenarian received the congregation’s congratulations via the bulletin. Mr. A. Bleyenberg Sr. celebrated his 90th birthday July 31. What a progress in worldly science one has witnessed in that span of years—what a retrogression in the spiritual attitudes of a nation founded upon religious principles—but, what is still worse, what a spiritual lethargy revealed in the nominal church and the resulting shrinkage of the true church.

The Radio Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour has reported that practically all of Rev. H. Hoeksema’s books are again available. Many of these books are “out of print” and the committee had been unable to fill the requests for them, but a limited amount of copies have been located and obtained and can be purchased by our readers who wish to begin or complete their own libraries with these works. For a complete list of the books written by the Rev. H. Hoeksema write to the Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 8, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

From a trio which included the Revs. G. Lanting and H. Veldman, Doon called Rev. G. Vanden Berg of our Oak Lawn Church.

Rev. C. Hanko, of First Church, declined the call extended to him by our Loveland congregation. Loveland’s consistory has made a new trio consisting of the Revs. J.A. Heys, B. Woudenberg and G. Vanden Berg.

Another defection has been reported from our Kalamazoo Church whereas her pastor resigned his pastorate in July.

From identical announcements in Hudsonville’s aid First’s bulletins comes this item of denominational interest: “Our last synod decided that there was an urgent need to send a committee to investigate, the Island of Jamaica as a possible field for our missionary effort. The Mission Committee acting upon this mandate appointed the brethren H. Zwak (Hudsonville) and H. Meulenberg (First) as a committee to visit this field. The brethren accompanied by their wives, expect to leave August 13, the Lord willing, and they earnestly covet your prayers on their behalf.”

Contribution: The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour reports that, the Lord willing, Rev. J.A. Heys, pastor of our South Holland Church, will be the speaker on our radio broadcasts during September. Rev. Heys has selected the Book of Ruth as the basis for the five sermons to be aired this month. The first (Sept. 2) is entitled “Not By Bread Alone” and proclaims the truth that we ought always to be reminded that we must first seek the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness. On Sunday, Sept. 9, he discusses “The Choice of a Living Faith.” The theme for Sept. 16 is “Mercy For the Penitent.” Under the title, “A Virtuous Woman’s Quest For Rest,” Rev. Heys explains in his Sept. 23rd sermon that in His grace God prepares rest for the weary. Rev. Heys concludes his current visit to our radio pulpit with the message, “A Redeemer Graciously Provided” on Sept. 30.

A singular indication of the communion of saints was revealed in a recent Lynden bulletin wherein was found a re-print of a quotation originally cited in First’s bulletin. Some saint in Grand Rapids evidently sends the bulletins to their fellow saint in the manse in Lynden, sharing with one another the news of the Brotherhood.

The 22nd annual convention of our young people was held in Hudsonville church this month, introduced with a pre-convention hymn-sing led by Gerald Kuiper of Hope Church. The Keynote speech was given by Rev. H. Hoeksema Tuesday evening, speaking on “The Friendship of God.” Rev. G. VanBaren addressed the young people Wednesday evening on “The Friendship of Christ.” The speaker at the Thursday evening banquet was Rev. M. Schipper who spoke on “The Friendship of the Church.” The convention theme, “Friendship,” was based on the text from James 2:23: “And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness, and he was called the friend of God.”

. . . . see you in church.