. 2,000 + 52 = 38.461538. At least that’s what my calculator reads. Which means that when May 10 arrives, a total of 2,000 Reformed Witness Hour broadcasts—38.461538 year’s worth—will have passed over the airwaves. A milestone worth celebrating, don’t you think? Well, the Radio Committee thinks so too, so they are planning an evening of commemoration on April 23 at First Church in Grand Rapids. The program will include two choirs and a live Reformed Witness Hour broadcast (at least recorded live, to be played on Sunday, May 10) with Prof. R. Decker as speaker. Following the program other activities are planned, including a tour of the Radio Room and refreshments. It looks to be a once in 38.461538 years occasion. You might want to circle the date on your calendar and look for more information in your church bulletin. 

From a Wyckoff, New Jersey bulletin we learn: “The latest news from Singapore is that the den Hartogs have moved to another apartment. The chief reason for the move was increased rent, even though the apartment they are now in is in the same building as the first. Rev. den Hartog writes that the new apartment is nicer than the old, though higher up. Their new address is: 22N Block D, Pacific Mansion, River Valley Close, Singapore 0923.” 

While on a Church Visitation Tour of Houston, Randolph, and Loveland, Rev. Engelsma lectured in Houston on the topic: “Church and State in the Coming Antichrist.” 

Our Birmingham mission field recently featured Rev. Woudenberg at their “March Conference” on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of March. In two worship services and two lectures Rev. Woudenberg discussed the general theme, “The Call of the Gospel.” 

At the risk of displaying a bias toward education I would like to dispose of—or maybe we should sayexpose—a number of school-related items that are building up in my file. 

The following announcements of interest were taken from Randolph and Edmonton bulletins, respectively: respectively: 1. “In harmony with the mandate of Article 21 of the Church Order, the Consistory has set this Wednesday, February 18 as an evening aside for all concerned individuals to come together and discuss the feasibility and desirability of establishing a school society so that Reformed education may be furthered for our covenant youth.” 2. “There will be a meeting on Friday evening at the church, for the purpose of establishing a Protestant Reformed School Society. Let us come together in faith that our God will provide us what we need, also with a view to the instruction of the covenant seed.” 

But people in the Protestant Reformed churches are not the only ones interested in Christian Education. This is clearly evident from some of the correspondence which Miss Agatha Lubbers, editor ofPerspectives in Covenant Education, receives. Though the circulation of the periodical is relatively small, correspondence reveals that there are interested readers in Mississippi, Massachusetts, England, South Africa, and Northern Ireland, to name just a few. One correspondent from Northern Ireland even sent a copy of the constitution of “The Association for Christian Education in Ireland.” It would be interesting to know a little about the history and development of this organization. (If someone in that organization takes this hint seriously, maybe some of the information can be passed on to our S.B. readers.) By the way, Standard Bearer readers who would like to know more about this educational journal should send their inquiries to: Perspectives, Protestant Reformed Teachers’ Institute, c/o Covenant Christian High School, 1401 Ferndale Avenue, S.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. 

News anyone? Please check to see if you are remembering to send it; then check to see if you’re sending it to the right place: 1313 Wilson Ave., S.W. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. I’m convinced a news editor has little use for the saying: “No news is good news.”