The Reformed Witness Hour schedule for May is as follows: May 9—God’s Delight in the Life of the Penitent Sinner (I); May 16—God’s Delight in the Life of the Penitent Sinner (II); May 23—The Parable of the Sower (I); May 30—The Parable of the Sower (II). The first two sermons are expositions of God’s Word as recorded in Ezekiel 33:11, and the last two are on the text found in Matt. 13:3-9. Rev. H. Veldman, of Hope Church in Grand Rapids, is the speaker. Copies of the sermons may be had by writing to The Reformed Witness Hour, Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich.

The Manse at First Church is strangely dark and silent nowadays. Rev. H. Hoeksema has been hospitalized at Pine Rest. The need for constant care has necessitated this move. The bulletin reports that the “Dominee” is gradually becoming adjusted to his new surroundings and is responding to care and medication.

Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville, has been limited by doctor’s orders to one service per Sunday at present. Hudsonville’s pastor is recovering from a recent attack of pneumonia. 

Holland’s Tom Elzinga has provided another proof that he utilizes his leisure time for the benefit of others. He has again printed another index of the material in the Standard Bearers. This latest textual index includes the first 40 volumes. After mailing out some 30 copies, he still has about 30 left for those interested in owning one. Mr. Elzinga’s address is: 567 West 19th St., Holland, Michigan.

The Men’s Society of Hull, Iowa are currently enjoying some worthwhile after recess discussions. On March 22 Henry Hoksbergen introduced the subject, “The Proper Approach in the Preaching of the Gospel”; and on March 29 Ray Brunsting introduced the topic, “The Effect of The Flood on the World.”

The Spring Office Bearer’s Conference was held in Holland’s new church April 6. Seminarian Robert Decker was the speaker; his topic—”What Constitutes the Neglect of the Means of Grace?” The speaker explained what the means of grace are, gave some examples of neglecting those means, and explained the duty of consistories regarding those who are guilty of this neglect. The research involved in preparing a lecture of this type not only benefited the office bearers present but will also stand the minister-to-be when he takes up his duties in the church.

The Young People’s Society of Redlands, Calif. sponsored a Hymn-Sing and at that time received an offering which was used to purchase new Bibles for the church pews. The March 28th bulletin expressed the congregation’s appreciation for this gift which enhances the public worship services.

From Redlands also comes the good news that Mrs. C. Hanko continues to improve in her ability to walk and talk again. She also is able to listen to the church services by means of an extension of the public address system of the church.

Kalamazoo’s little congregation passed another milestone March 24. At a special congregational meeting, held after a belated Prayer Day Service, they decided to approve the purchase of the Northwood Chapel building as their own place of meeting at the cost of $9,500.00; they also approved a long-range plan to finance this purchase; and an on-the-spot offering was taken to be used for a down payment. This contribution, in cash and pledges, amounted to a little more than 15% of the purchase price. The building will not be available to them until late summer. Northwood Chapel is located at 117 W. North St. in Kalamazoo. 

See you in church. . . . .