Congregation Activities

Many of our congregations hold their annual congregational meetings in the month of December. These meetings are, for the most part, usually routine, with the approval of a proposal or two, the election of officebearers, and the approval of a yearly budget on the agenda. One item of business from the South Holland, ILPRC did catch our eye however. They approved a motion to change the legal name of their church to Crete PRC, a change made necessary by their recent move from South Holland and relocation in Crete.

The Choral Society of Crete invited their congregation to join them after their evening worship service on December 11 for a Christmas Choir Program/Singspiration as they sang praises to God for the birth of His Son.

The Choir of Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI presented a concert of praise celebrating the birth of our Savior on Sunday evening, December 11.

The Choir of Faith PRC in Jenison, MI presented a concert at their church on December 11 as well. All were invited to attend as they praised our Lord in song.

The deacons of the Byron Center, MI PRC informed their congregation that they would be collecting items for their annual food drive December 25 through January 1. All items collected would be distributed to needy members in Byron Center.

All Bible society members of the Hudsonville, MI PRC were invited to their annual Combined Christmas Society Meeting on Tuesday evening, December 13. Rev. G. Eriks introduced Isaiah 9:1-7, with a special emphasis on verses 6-7. Afterwards the members split up into small groups for discussion led by Rev. Eriks, Prof. B. Gritters, and Rev. J. Kortering. The evening came to a close with singing and fellowship over coffee and dessert.

Boys and girls, young, old, and middle-aged, all who were interested in decorating cookies for the young people to deliver when they went caroling to the elderly, widows, and shut-ins of the Hudsonville PRC, were invited to come together Saturday morning, December 17, at church to get it done. Cookies and frosting were provided.

The high school girls of Calvary PRC in Hull, IA were invited to their parsonage on December 8, after school, for their third annual Christmas-treat bake. Those who signed up were reminded to bring along necessary ingredients for the goodies, their favorite Christmas CD’s, and an appetite for pizza, because you can eat only so many goodies.

The Adult Bible Society of the Doon, IA PRC invited their congregation to join them on December 8 for an evening of caroling and Christian fellowship at their church. Some members also arrived earlier that evening to go caroling to various members of Doon at their homes.

An evening of fellowship for the young people and young adults of First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada was planned for December 9. The evening consisted of walking around the legislature ground in Edmonton listening to the Christmas concerts and enjoying some hot chocolate. Games and Christmas snacks followed at the church.

Members of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI were reminded to reserve the evening of December 9 for a gingerbread-making party. The evening started with a taco dinner, followed by gingerbread-house construction. House-building materials were supplied, although participants were asked to bring a candy decoration to share.

Evangelism Activities

If you have not paid a visit to the website of Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI ( lately, we would welcome you to do so. Much work has been put into the site by Southwest’s Computer Committee, and that work is worth a look. Of special note is their newly revised Church-Life page. Southwest hopes to add even more pictures to it soon, so their congregation was reminded to smile if they saw a camera pointed in their direction. Also noteworthy are the availability of the sermon downloads.

The first set of questions and answers from Prof. B. Gritters’ lecture entitled “The Prince of Darkness Grim” are now available on If you missed the lecture, the audio file is also available as a free download at the website.

School Activities

Each year the students and staff of Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA collect money to contribute to a specific cause. This past Christmas the cause was for the Dale Kooienga Memorial Fund, which is used to help defray the medical costs of Nicole Kooienga, her new baby, Dalia, and Leah Griess of the Loveland, CO PRC. Hope School invited also the Hope PRC congregation to contribute to the cause.

The Student Council of Covenant Christian High School in Grand Rapids, MI this past holiday season again sponsored its annual gift-certificate drive to help those who have need in west Michigan PRC’s. To participate, all one had to do was to send either money or gift certificates/cards from grocery stores, gas stations, etc. to Covenant in care of the Student Council, who would, in turn, give the items collected to the deacons of those churches for distribution.

Sister-Church Activities

Rev. Martyn McGeown, missionary-pastor of the Limerick Reformed Fellowship in Limerick City, Republic of Ireland, gave a lecture in Limerick on December 5 entitled, “Peter, the Papacy, and the Keys of the Kingdom,” looking at
Matthew 16:18 as the basis for the entire edifice of the Roman papacy, with the authority, supremacy, and infallibility of the popes, all of whom claim to be the rightful successors of Peter.

Minister Calls

Rev. C. Haak received the call to serve as the next pastor of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI.