News about trios and calls and declines is generally “old” before it gets into print; but we’ll pass it on anyway. Our Randolph, Wisconsin congregation had a trio consisting of Rev. Kortering, Rev. VanBaren, and Rev. Veldman, from which they have, undoubtedly, already called one. Rev. Veldman has declined the call extended to him from our Doon Church. And the installation of Rev. Kuiper in Pella, Iowa, took place on January 8. Rev. Vanden Berg conducted the installation, and Rev. Engelsma, pastor of Loveland Church, preached the sermon on “The Minister’s Calling,” using as his text II Timothy 2:15.

It seems that all of our churches had a January 18 bulletin announcement concerning the departure of Rev. and Mrs. Heys for Jamaica on January 26. The effects of this decision were noticeable already in Holland’s January 25 bulletin: “Next week Sunday, D.V., Rev. R; C. Harbach will conduct our services on a classical appointment, and the following Sunday Prof. H. Hanko will in the morning and Prof. H. C. Hoeksema will in the evening. The catechism classes will be well provided for. Seminarian R. Van Overloop will teach the Saturday classes, and Rev. H. Veldman will take care of the evening classes.” Obviously, a Consistory decision to release a pastor for a three-month period is not one to be taken lightly.

A Farewell program for Rev. and Mrs. Heys was given on Sunday, January 25. Rev. Veldman led in opening prayer, Scripture reading, and a few appropriate remarks. Mr. and Mrs. C. Jonker, accompanied by their daughter, Marilyn, sang from two numbers. The “nothing can trouble thee there” (last line of “Trust in the Lord”) led beautifully into “Under His Wings” (first line of their last selection). These numbers can only be a great comfort to our emissaries to Jamaica. Rev. Heys also made a few remarks at the program. He said that he is going with mixed emotions. On the one hand, he does not like to leave his work in the Holland congregation. But, on the other hand, he is eager to go, for the fourth time, to work with these people who, he is convinced, are sincere children of God who hunger and thirst for the truth. He asked to be remembered in our prayers. And he also brought to the attention of the audience that the loneliness involved in work of this nature is felt more acutely by the wives. The ministers are more wrapped up in their work. So, in our prayers for the labors in Jamaica, we should remember the wives who, in Rev. Heys’ words, “are also valiant warriors who stand at our side and encourage us.”

This bulletin announcement, yet, from Holland’s congregation: “The address of our pastor and Mrs. Heys will be General Delivery, White Sands Post Office, Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies. Please use air mail, since surface mail takes three weeks and air mail three to four days. The cost is fifteen cents per half ounce. We will covet your prayers, but also your letters, and wish the congregation God’s blessing while we are absent from one another.”

Rev. Schipper, as chairman of the Mission Committee, would have been in charge of the farewell program for Rev. Heys, if it were not for the fact that he had not been feeling well. As of February 1, Rev. Schipper planned to be admitted in mid-March to the hospital to undergo surgery. Gall bladder attacks have caused him very considerable pain for the last weeks, and the doctors believed a cholecystectomy to be the only answer.

This requested announcement concerning change of officers, from Loveland’s consistory: Clerk—Mr. Wm. A. Griess, 600 S. Decatur St., Denver, Colo. 80219; and Treasurer—Mr. M.H. Moore, Route 2, Box 295B, Loveland, Colo. 80537.

The P.T.A. of our Adams St. School sponsored a program on January 29 featuring Dr. W. Meester, who spoke on “The Christian Approach to Drug Abuse.” Those “concerned parents and friends” who attended could only be impressed by the fact that we are strangers in this world—that our calling is to live as children of the light in the midst of a world that is living in darkness; a world that knows not God, and seeks in vain to find satisfaction or meaning in life through the use of drugs; a world that is rushing ever more rapidly to destruction.

From the bulletin of Hope Church of Grand Rapids we learn of an interesting project of that congregation’s Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Society. “A recording committee has been established to record our worship services, and tapes will be available for those who are hospitalized or ill at home. The committee will also provide our servicemen with portable cassette tape players, and periodically send tapes to them.”

Space is shorter than news for this issue. Some will have to wait till next time. But we’ll have to get in a couple of “Points to ponder” from the bulletin of Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Redlands:

“The ‘narrow way’ that leads to Heaven is not found by those who are ‘broad-minded’ about sin.”

“Those who know God will be humble. Those who know themselves cannot be proud.”