Minister Activities

Rev. Ron Hanko, pastor of the Lynden, WA PRC, declined the call extended to him to serve as the next pastor of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI.

Prof. and Mrs. Herman Hanko left October 27 for a visit to Singapore and the saints of the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church. respect

Plans called for Prof. Hanko to spend the time there preaching and speaking for our sister church. The Hankos planned to make a short visit to the Philippines on their way to Singapore. The Lord willing, they plan to return home on December 27. We pray God’s blessing on them as they spend time in Singapore, and for our fellow saints there.

Mission Activities

We pass along our belated congratulations to the First Reformed Church of Balacan, the Philippines, which celebrated their 9th anniversary as a Reformed church on Sunday, October 30. The congregation is very thankful to God for His goodness in delivering them from error and bringing them to a saving knowledge of the blessed truths of the Bible and the Reformed faith. We add our prayer that God keep them faithful as they continue to walk the old paths (Jer. 6:16).

We can also add here that Prof. H. Hanko led the worship service in this congregation when he was in the Philippines on Sunday, October 30.

Evangelism Activities

October 31 was Reformation Day. We rejoice in thankfulness to God for His mercies and faithfulness to His church in preserving her in the truth and faith of the infallibly inspired Holy Scriptures. We are reminded of the work of His faithful servants, including Martin Luther, whose reformation work began with his nailing 95 theses to the door of the Wittenburg church 494 years ago, in 1517. To commemorate and celebrate that beginning of the Reformation of the sixteenth century, many of our congregations sponsored Reformation Day lectures.

On Friday, October 21, the Evangelism Committee of the Grandville, MI PRC hosted a lecture at the Grandville High School, where Prof. Barry Gritters spoke on “The Prince of Darkness Grim: the Reformed Teaching on Satan.”

On Friday, October 28, the Wingham Ontario PRC sponsored a lecture at their church entitled, “The Bible and Worship.” Their pastor, Rev. Martin VanderWal, looked at the Reformation’s restoration of proper worship in the church, including a critical look at present forms of worship in the light of God’s Word, and encouragement to maintain the proper worship of God.

Rev. Angus Stewart, pastor of our sister church in Ballymena, NI, the Covenant PRC, spoke at a Reformation Day lecture on Friday evening, October 28, on the subject, “Christ Alone.”

The Kalamazoo, MI PRC sponsored a Reformation lecture on October 28 at Community Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Kalamazoo. Prof. Ronald Cammenga spoke on the topic, “The Heart of the Reformation: Justification by Faith Alone.” Prof. Cammenga asked his audience two very important questions. Does the heart of the Reformation beat in the church today? And does it beat in you?

Young People’s Activities

The Young People’s Society of the Doon, IA PRC extended an invitation to surrounding PR congregations, as well as their own, to join them in their annual Reformation Day Singspiration, after their evening worship service on October 30. The young people of the Randolph, WI PRC met together on Sunday evening, October 30, to discuss the subject of the end of the world, and the prophecies of the end. Rev. Kenneth Koole’s editorial in the October 1 issue of the Stan-dard Bearer was required reading for that discussion—a requirement with which we heartily agree.

Young Adult Activities

The Young Adult Society of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI met together Sunday, October 23, after their evening service. The topic that Sunday was a discussion on a NPR (National Public Radio) program that aired recently, in which Dr. Al Mohler, a six-day creationist, debated Daniel Harlow, a Calvin College professor who denies the historicity of Adam and the fall.

Congregation Activities

The members of the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI enjoyed a “Request Night Program” on October 23. There was singing by everyone, a variety of special numbers, and an offering taken for the 2012 Young People’s Convention.

Prof. Russell Dykstra began a series of 5-6 lectures on the “Split of 1953” for the Senior Bible Fellowship of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI on November 2.

The ladies of Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD invited the ladies of nearby PR congregations to join them for the “Fall Ladies League” meeting on October 27 at Trinity Reformed Church in Sioux Falls. Rev. Allen Brummel, the pastor at Heritage, spoke on “The Transformational Power of Prayer.” An offering was taken for the Dale Kooienga Memorial Fund, which has been set up to defray the medical expenses of both Nicole Kooienga and Leah Griess.

Pastor-elect Jonathan Mahtani was ordained and installed as the second pastor of the Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, IN on Wednesday evening, November 2. This very special public worship service took place following a special meeting of Classis East held that same day to examine Mr. Mahtani. Rev. Carl Haak had the pleasure and privilege of leading that worship service and officiating at the ordination and installation ceremony of his son-in-law. Rev. Haak preached from Isaiah 51:6, under the theme, “Planting the Heavens,” looking at three points: I—God’s Promise to the Minister; II—God’s Purpose for the Ministry; III—God’s Pledge to the Congregation. We rejoice with Cornerstone that the Lord has blessed us with another pastor in our churches. “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things” (Rom. 10:15).