Rev. B. Woudenberg declined the call to be the Home Missionary of our Churches. 

The shortage of ministers in our churches is very keenly felt in our Western churches. That situation seemed to be the special reason why Rev. Woudenberg felt he could not leave his congregation at this time. This condition necessitates frequent classical appointments for all the ministers, with the accompanying travel expenses and irksome absences from home and congregation. It is not unusual that a vacant churches has reading services, but our situation unavoidably forces this upon churches with a regular pastor. Young men, does this not move you to ponder whether or not you should give serious consideration to the calling of the ministry as your life’s vocation? With this in mind Lynden’s bulletin carried this prayer: “Almighty God, look mercifully upon that world which Thou hast redeemed by the blood of Thy dear Son, and by Thy Holy Spirit incline the hearts of many of Thy servants to dedicate themselves to the sacred ministry of Thy Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.” 

Southeast’s pastor is spending a four to six week Doctor-sponsored vacation, the first week of which was in a surgical ward of Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids. According to reports Rev. Schipper’s progress toward active duty is approaching realization steadily. 

The Young People’s Society of Southeast Church sponsored a “Home Talent” program in their church April 21. Many of our oldsters can remember when this was the only kind of entertainment church members enjoyed. Certainly it is pleasing to our King that His subjects enjoy the music of His praise rather than the raucous music of the “Hollywood Talent” variety which lauds the vices of fallen mankind. 

Two of our churches foster lively choral societies, and both have given public programs recently. Hope’s was held April 26 and Hudsonville’s was on May 3. Both choirs joined the Hope School choir and the Hope Heralds in a Choir Festival sponsored by the Hope School Circle which was scheduled for Friday evening, May 8 in the First Reformed Church in Hudsonville. 

Rev. C Hanko is leading his congregation; in a series of Sunday evening services, in a re-evaluation of the Order of Salvation: Regeneration, Calling, Repentance, Faith, Sanctification, Glorification. This is proving to be a worthwhile effort because the people of God need constantly to be reminded that in the matter of their salvation the work of the Triune God is initial, abiding and conclusive. 

Loveland’s congregation rejoiced to hear the public confession of faith of Ivan, Linda and Melvin Griess and Marilyn Schwarz. Loveland’s bulletin also announced the summer change of schedule: the two o’clock afternoon service moved up to 7 o’clock evening time. 

Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, has been secured to address the Young People’s Societies in the Grand Rapids Area as they attend their annual Spring Banquet May 12 in First Church. 

Hudsonville has begun their Sunday School session for this season. They invite the 3 year olds to begin this classroom method of enjoying the familiar Bible stories already heard at their mother’s knee. 

Southwest Church is looking forward to the arrival of their new minister, and a congregational meeting has been called to reconsider their budget needs which can include their new obligations. 

Monday, May 4, the Society for Secondary (High School) Protestant Reformed Education met in Annual Meeting. New Board members elected were, John BOS, Cornelius Doezema and Jacob Kuiper. Reports were read that revealed the Board purchased a 10 acre plot near Hope Church; that the weekly envelope system brought up over $3,000.00 this past year; that a balance of over $6,000.00 is on the credit side of the ledger. The secretary reports a membership of 106; that work is being done in the realm of curriculum planning; that potential teacher supply is promising. But, of course, it was quite evident to the society that much more folding money is needed in the treasury before a building can be realized. Have any of our readers a solution to this problem? 

Oak Lawn’s congregation bade farewell to one of their young men, Ken Haak, as he left for a two-year hitch in the Armed Forces. In this case the whole congregation will miss him every Sunday, for he is one of the two regular organists! 

The April 20 meeting of the Men’s League featured Rev. C. Hanko in a speech on The Relationship between the Magistrates and the Church, in the light of Article 36 of the Belgic Confession. Many questions were raised by the speaker, which if not entirely answered, left the men food for thought regarding future commitment to government aid for our parent controlled schools, and our personal attitudes in the election and support of government officials. 

Consider these two sufficients: “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof“— Matt. 6:34; “My grace is sufficient for thee“— II Cor. 12:9

. . . see you in church.