Southeast’s congregation relinquished their pastor to a classical appointment in Pella, Iowa, for two Sundays. While there Rev. Schipper also gave a lecture during the week and made personal calls on people who have recently shown interest in our cause. In his absence the catechism classes were conducted by the Elders, and the congregation enjoyed the Seminary Professors in their pulpit.

Upon the advice of their church extension committee, Loveland’s consistory requested the Mission Board to broadcast “The Reformed Witness Hour” on the local station, KLOV. The Mission Board has promised to undertake this effort for a year on a Sunday afternoon spot.

The Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Society of Hope Church traveled to Southwest Church for a combined meeting with their society to discuss the second chapter of Paul’s first Epistle to Timothy. A panel from the High School Board, in the after-recess period, discussed our future school and related matters. A Thanksgiving Day Program of Loveland’s Prot. Ref. Chr. School featured Rev. Engelsma in a talk on true thanksgiving. His address was based on Psalm 136 and led the school children, and a few of the parents, in the observance of Christian thankfulness as expressed in, “. . .for His mercy endureth for ever.”

Hudsonville’s Sr. and Jr. choirs combined to render a Christmas program after the Sunday service Dec. 24.

Oak Lawn’s Christmas Singspiration, sponsored by the Young People’s Society, designated the offering to be used for the purchase of books for their church library.

The church extension committee of Oak Lawn published for distribution a publication entitled, “The Crisis in the C.R. Church”, written by a member of one of the C.R. churches. This literature is currently being mailed to over a thousand homes in the area. This same committee has begun to mail out “Scriptural Meditations” to 200 families, selected at random; obeying the injunction found in Etc. 11:1 —”Cast thy bread upon the waters. . . . .”

Adams St. School’s Mothers’ Club sponsored a Bazaar recently, selling their wares for quite a substantial sum, thereby enriching their coffers. Those are the coffers into which they periodically dip for many and varied benefits for the school. The men were also invited to the bazaar to spend their coffee break in a sociable way with their own kind.

Quiet Thought from Southeast’s bulletin: “We need to ask the Lord to save us from evil hearing as well as from evil speaking.”

Lynden’s “Studies in Biblical Doctrines” received a letter from Statesboro, Georgia acknowledging the benefits accruing to a leader of a Ladies’ Bible Class in that city; and a letter from Alpena, SD, from a member of the Presbyterian Church, requesting an explanation of the expression, “Election is the heart of the church,” saying that they hear so little of that doctrine any more. Some one else in strange waters finding the bread cast thereon to be palatable and nourishing.

Rev. VanBaren, in a “preparatory sermon” preached a sermon based on Prov. 28:13, “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper; but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.” This profound truth might well be remembered by each of us when we are saying our evening prayers.

While on a classical appointment to Isabel and to Forbes, Loveland’s pastor gave a mid-week lecture in each of these places. In Isabel Rev. Engelsma spoke on, “The Performance of Good Works,” and the title of the lecture in Forbes was, “Loving Our Enemies.” In this way our vacant churches enjoy a few “fringe benefits” from their classical appointees.

The following lifted from First’s bulletin: “Student Richard Moore and his family thank the congregation for the food shower given them: The gifts of food and money will cut our food bill in half for at least three months. We thank God for preserving in our churches the mercies of Christ that make such giving from the heart possible.”

Besides the lectures mentioned above, the Mission Board also scheduled lectures by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema in Sioux Center, Iowa Nov. 30, and in Edgerton, Minn.; Dec. 5.

Who in the world of war, bloodshed, riots and general lawlessness can wish their friends a happy new year but the Christian?” Whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” Prov. 16:20. Happy New Year! 

. . . see you in church