Rev. C. Hanko of First Church in Grand Rapids, has received the call from Redlands, Calif. 

Randolph’s pastor had to move back his Classical appointment to Lynden one week. This change in Rev. VanBaren’s schedule was necessitated by the death and funeral of 85 year old Jacob Lont, one of Randolph’s oldest members. 

The Young People of the Michigan churches held a joint Spring Banquet Tuesday, May 12 in First Church’s parlors. Included were a few visitors from Oak Lawn who rode in with Rev. Vanden Berg who was the speaker at the banquet. The committee arranged to have the speech before the dinner instead of afterwards which is the usual custom. This type of programming may have been due to many compelling reasons, two come readily to mind: Rev. Vanden Berg had a captive audience, and he, did not have to face the bane of many an after dinner speaker—the glassy-eyed stare of a too-well-fed drowsy listener. The speaker warned the young people of the lateness of the hour on God’s Time Clock, admonishing them to continue in the things they had learned and had been. assured of, because they have known the Scriptures from their childhood—those Scriptures that have been given to them that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Audience singing, a piano duet, a male quartette and an interpretive reading comprised the balance of the program. That, and the delicious dinner, expertly served, was thoroughly enjoyed by the 150 young people and their leaders. 

The Lord willing, Rev. C. Hanko continues his “visit” to the radio pulpit of the Ref. Witness Hour during June. Proclaiming the truth that love to God must manifest itself in sincere obedience in every phase and in every sphere of our lives,” the pastor explains the essence of “Obedience to the Lord” in his first radio sermon (June 7). For the following Lord’s Day (June 17) he has chosen for his subject—”Youth and Marriage”—(a very appropriate subject for June). “Sorrowing Unto Salvation” is the theme of Rev. Hanko’s third radio sermon (June 21). The final broadcast (June 28) the listening audience will be informed of the meaning of “A Living Faith.” Printed copies of these practical messages may be obtained by writing to: The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501. 

South Holland’s Rev. Heys, while on a three week Classical appointment to Isabel and Forbes, planned to meet Rev. VanBaren in Lynden to conduct Church Visitation there, as well as in the churches in the Dakotas, Iowa and Minnesota. One wonders if the European authors of our Church, Order ever dreamed that the 44th Article would cause so many mile consuming trips in North America! 

The Sr. Young People’s Society of First Church is sponsoring a clothing drive for Jamaica. This contribution is to be sent to another part of the Island than that of the first drive. The committee received those donations three evenings at Adams school and one at Hope school. 

When South Holland’s Men’s Society concluded the Season’s activities they invited the Ladies to meet with them. The Ladies responded to that enjoyable evening with an invitation to the men to meet with them in their first meeting of the next season! 

Hope School’s Commencement Exercises have been scheduled for June 5 in the Unity Christian High School in Hudsonville. Rev. R.C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, has been secured to give the Commencement Address. 

Southeast’s May 10 bulletin carried a note of appreciation to Rev. H. Hoeksema who consented to preach twice in First Church thereby freeing Rev. Hanko, to occupy Southeast’s pulpit for both services. The next Sunday the same arrangements were made at First Church that Rev. Hank0 might conduct an early morning service in Southwest Church, a late morning service in Hope Church, and an evening service in Southwest Church again. And, Rev. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, conducted three services April 19 and 26—two in his church and one each in Edgerton and Do& in the evening. So it goes, in the East as well as in the West, because of the, shortage of Shepherds in the Sheepfold of Christ. 

Rev. M. Schipper’s recuperation has now reached the point that he could attend the services May 10, andconduct the evening service May 17. 

The Young People of Southeast Church report that their Home Talent Program was an unqualified success. Musical numbers were accomplished by means of piano, organ, flute, harmonica and. by the human voice. Selected readings rounded out the program. “Praise the Lord from the earth . . . . . . . . both young men and maidens, old men and children . . . . . . .” Psalm 148:7, 12

Southwest Church is planning on the installation of Rev. G. Lubbers for Sunday morning, June 7. Rev. M. Schipper, their Counselor, has been asked to conduct this service. 

Did you meet with the people of God in public worship services Ascension Day? Did you also rejoice in our Lord’s Ascension as a witness of the transformation of the Church from this earth into Heavenly glory? Then you, too, with all devout men the world over, are looking forward to His Coming on the clouds of heaven. 

. . . . see you in church.