Candidate Robert Decker is considering two calls: one from Lynden, Wash., and the other from Doon, Iowa. 

Rev. G. VanBaren, of Randolph, Wis., accepted the call he had from First Church in Grand Rapids.

The Reformed Witness Hour features Rev. H. Veldman for August 29 through Sept. 19. The topics are: Aug. 19—”God’s Particular Love;” Sept. 5—”God’s Particular Election;” Sept. 12—”Christ’s Particular Atonement;” Sept. 19—”God’s Particular Salvation.” Copies of these “particular” sermons may be had by writing to the Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rev. H. Hanko preached his farewell sermon in Doon Aug. 1, and, with his family, enjoyed a farewell party Aug. 2; and moved into his father’s last parsonage at 1221 Bates St., Grand Rapids, Mich. His family will reside there until a suitable home may be located and purchased. Professor-elect Hanko will be installed in his new office, D.V., Sept. 9, in First Church of Grand Rapids, with Prof. H.C. Hoeksema preaching the sermon and Rev. G. Lubbers reading the Form for Installation, under the supervision of First Church’s Consistory.

Seminarian Dale Kuiper has begun his public career by “speaking a word of edification” in several of our churches: Oaklawn—July 25; Southeast in Grand Rapids—Aug. 8, and Aug. 15 in First Church’s evening service.

Southeast and First Churches have both had telephone-signal-lights installed so that emergency calls may be received during services.

The Mission Committee is announcing a “Reformation Day Rally” to be held in the Civic Auditorium in Grand Rapids, Oct. 27. The purpose of this Rally will be to call the children of the Reformation in this Reformed community back to the principles of the Reformation. Under a Steering Committee composed of Rev. M. Schipper, Elders H. Ophoff and D. Kooienga, a broader committee will formulate and carry out a well planned program that may draw several thousand people from Michigan and northern Illinois who are still interested in the Reformed truth. That means our constituency, first of all, and those whom we might invite with us, and interested ones who respond to the radio and press advertisements. Further details will appear in area bulletins and newspapers.

Rev. H. Hoeksema’s condition is steadily worsening due to intermittent slight strokes. At this writing he is but semi-conscious, showing little or no response to efforts to arouse him. It begins to look like this faithful servant’s “Coronation Day” is rapidly approaching.

Loveland’s people held a Dedication Service Wednesday, July 21, dedicating their new church edifice to the service of God and to His glory. Rev. G. Lubbers, their former missionary-pastor, was the principal speaker. His topic was: “Sanctified by the Word and Prayer.” The program included a vocal duet by Marilyn and Phyliss Schwarz; instrumental numbers by Marilyn Schwarz and by Mrs. Dennis Gleason; singing by the congregation (including a German song, “Veil ich Jesu schaeflein bin”); and a film recording the progress of the construction of the building by Mr. Ray Ezinga, the contractor-builder. The offering taken was earmarked for the organ fund. Rev. Engelsma led in opening devotions and gave a short address, and Mr. G. Huber led in closing prayer. After the program the entire company was served refreshments by the ladies.

From Redlands, Calif., we learn that Mrs. C. Hanko is steadily improving. She attends church regularly, walks with the aid of a cane, and is slowly regaining her faculty of speech. The Ladies’ Aid Society gave a Supper and used that occasion to present Rev. and Mrs. Hanko with a very generous purse. Rev. Hanko wrote in the bulletin, “We keenly feel the strong bond of love that has united us together in the Lord, especially throughout the difficult experiences of the past months. May the Lord continue to strengthen us in love and fellowship together.”

A notice printed in the May 1st issue of the Standard Bearer brought some gratifying results from an unexpected quarter. The notice dealt with the Index to the S.B. compiled by Mr. Tom Elzinga, of Holland. A minister from South Dakota wrote for the index and as many back copies as Mr. Elzinga could find for him. Brother Elzinga sent him 171 back copies which were greatly appreciated by the minister. He wrote in part, “I got the box of magazines you sent me, I could hardly believe my eyes ! God be praised! I’m going to be busy catching up on some important reading. I find theStandard Bearers very stimulating and edifying, and I’ve learned a great deal from them that was never touched upon in my Seminary. I use these magazines and the printed sermons of the Ref. Witness Hour in my study constantly. . . . . . .”

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. . . .see you in church.