The Consistory of Randolph, Wis. has named a trio consisting of the Revs. R.C. Harbach, J. Kortering, and G. Lanting. The congregational meeting for the purpose of calling one from this trio has been scheduled for Sept. 13.

The Reformed Witness Hour has prepared a series of sermons on the Prophet Elijah by the Rev. G. Vanden Berg of Oak Lawn, Ill. The dates and topics are: “Sept. 26—”Standing Before God”; Oct. 3—”Wonderful Preservation”; Oct. 10—”Who Is God?”; Oct. 17—”Elijah’s Resignation”. Again the Radio Committee offers printed copies of their messages. Write to The Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Thursday evening, Sept. 9, was another milestone in the history of our churches. At that time Rev. Herman Hanko was installed into the office of Professor of Theology. The Rector of the Seminary, Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, preached the sermon and Rev. G. Lubbers, vice-president of the Theological School Comm., read the Form for Installation. The Rector’s sermon was an exposition of the words, “And he gave some . . . . . pastors and’ teachers . . . . . for the edifying of the body of Christ” found in Eph. 4:11, 12. The speaker’s theme was “Christ’s Gift of Pastors and Teachers”; and he developed his theme under the three points: “The Pastors and Teachers Given”; “The Fact That They are Gifts of Christ”; “The Purpose of These Gifts”. Among other points to ponder the Rector stated that Seminary Professors quite really shepherdize the whole denomination because, “as the faculty—so the seminary; as the seminary—so the pastors and teachers; as the pastors and teachers—so the churches. Corrupt the seminary, you corrupt the denomination; and, conversely, maintain the Truth in the seminary: so will the churches remain strong in doctrine.” The Rector further admonished the new professor that he must vindicate the sound doctrine of the Scriptures, drawing the lines according to the foundation laid by the Apostles. May our entire membership esteem our new Professor for the sake of his office and appreciate him as a gift of Christ to His Church “for the edifying of the body of Christ.”

The “war” in Vietnam seems so very far from us, and so it is, geographically speaking; but that great distance shrinks quite rapidly when one reads in the church bulletin excerpts from a letter from a youth of the congregation written from Vietnam! Ken Haak, of Oak Lawn, wrote that he receives some of our P.R. literature and passes it on to his Chaplain after he has read it. Oak Lawn’s Church Extension Committee’s latest pamphlet, “The Answer of Hope” also found its way to the far side of the Pacific Ocean and was a great source of comfort to Ken. Navyman Dale Bartelds, of First Church in Grand Rapids, has sailed to that Oriental spot on the map and has been home on furlough since that time.

The Young People’s Society of Southeast Church in Grand Rapids has opened the season with its first meeting scheduled for Sept. 19. The bulletin notice reminded the young people that this early start was occasioned by the need of extra time due to their assignment of preparing for the 1966 Convention!

The plans for the Reformation Day Rally to be held in Grand Rapids’ Civic Auditorium are going forward steadily. Mr. Roland Petersen, director of our Radio Choir, has accepted the challenge to organize and train a large choir in the few, weeks remaining before that event. His bulletin notices in the area churches calling for singers to make up this choir met with heartwarming success. One hundred twenty men and women responded and joined their voices in their first rehearsal at First Church Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12. If all our people are as enthusiastic as these 120, this Rally will be assured of success. The aim of the Mission Committee is to fill the 5,000 seats of this huge auditorium, that the true children of the Reformation may be reminded of that great heritage which we are in danger of losing. The Committee’s slogan seems to be, “Bring your family, and invite your neighbors.”

Loveland’s congregation unanimously voted to furnish room in their new church basement for their own Prot. Ref. Christian School.

Our Theological School opened its doors Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 9 A.M. The two professors gave the assignments for the beginning of the semester. The Revs. G. Vos and M. Schipper were at hand to represent the Theological School Committee.

Kalamazoo’s congregation are now in occupancy of their new church on the corner of Glen St. and Stassen Ave. Rev. Harbach had this observation and prayer in the bulletin of Sept. 5: “As we for the first time begin our worship in this new building, let us do so with the prayer that the King of Glory will come, dwell with us and bless us with His crown and covenant. May this be a place where we shall imbibe the whole counsel of God, His truth and love, in the communion of saints.” Rev. Harbach and congregation: in the communion of saints the whole denomination rejoices with you, and wishes you God’s richest blessing in your new place!

First Church’s Diaconate scheduled a special collection Sept. 12 to receive the congregation’s gifts for a special thank offering for the Standard Bearer in memory of their beloved and departed pastor, Rev. H. Hoeksema. 

. . . . see you in church.