. Along with the report of Classis West—which you read in the last issue of S.B.—Rev. Engelsma sent the following account of activities that preceded the sessions of Classis West: “On Tuesday afternoon and evening before Classis, the delegates held an officebearers’ conference in the Loveland church building. The subject was ‘Preaching the Law and Gospel’ —a continuation of the discussion at the previous conference in Pella. An introduction in the form of a list of propositions and questions was provided by the conference chairman and committeeman, Rev. W. Bekkering. Several members of the Loveland congregation also attended and participated. Discussion was lively and profitable. ‘Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend’ (Proverbs 27:17). The men appointed Rev. R.. Cammenga to replace Rev. R. Miersma on the committee for conferences and instructed the committee to plan another conference at the time of the Fall Classis on the subject of the duty of the elders to see to it that the exhortations of the pulpit are carried out in the life of the congregation. Both at the conference and at Classis, the women of the Loveland congregation graciously and abundantly served meals and refreshments.” 

Following the decline of Rev. Koole to their call, our Redlands consistory formed a new trio consisting of Reverends Bekkering, Bruinsma, and Van Baren. We remind our readers of something that was written in the March 15 news column, namely, that since February 15 our Southeast Church of Grand Rapids has made each issue of the Standard Bearer available on cassette tape. Those interested in receiving these tapes on a regular basis should contact Mr. Michael Engelsma, 2720 Madison Blvd., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507. 

It is much appreciated when those who send me their church bulletins pass along additional bits of news. Such is the source of the following news about our Faith congregation in Jenison, Michigan. Their January 25 bulletin announced the baptism of twin infants on that Sunday morning. The additional information that was supplied revealed that this was the fifth set of twins born to this recently established congregation. We were further informed that this was the third set of twins baptized by Rev. Bruinsma in the past two years. We can rejoice with them in this concrete evidence of the covenant faithfulness of our God in their midst. 

I was recently a bit confused when I read a letter handed to me by our business manager, Mr. Vander Wal. The letter was written on Reformed Free Publishing Association stationery; but what was confusing was the fact that it was addressed to a Vander Wal and also written by a Vander Wal. On the back side of that same piece of stationery was a letter of response with the same problem. At first glance one might think that our business manager was writing letters to himself, but closer examination revealed that a Vander Wal from California was expressing an appreciation of our stand for the truth and requesting some publications from our business manager. If we care to draw a conclusion from this, maybe we could say that it appears Mr. Vander Wal has finally met his match. 

The following “thoughts of contemplation” were reaped from South Holland bulletins:

“Just as unbelief discourages men, so that they sink down into inactivity, so faith inspires both body and mind with vigor for the effectual discharge of their duties.” John Calvin 

“When the law is written in the heart, it is copied out in the life.” Robert Traill 

“The best and most efficient method of inculcating the performance of any duty is to be exemplary.” John Calvin