Again this month there is quite a bit of news concerning calls extended by various of our congregations. Candidate Ronald Hanko has accepted his call from Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey, to become the second pastor of this young congregation. Their current pastor is leaving soon to labor as missionary in Singapore. 

Rev. Jason Kortering has accepted the call extended to him by our Loveland, Colorado congregation. Rev. Kortering preached his farewell sermon in Redlands, California on Sunday, October 7. The Kortering family left for Loveland on October 8th. Rev. Kortering was installed as Loveland’s new pastor on Friday, October 12, by Rev. Marvin Kamps, pastor of our Doon, Iowa congregation. The Loveland congregation was planning a welcome program for the Kortering family on October 26. 

Our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan has called Rev. Wayne Bekkering of Houston, Texas to be their pastor. The Hope trio also included Rev. Bernard Woudenberg and Rev. Dale Kuiper. 

Ordination services for Steven Houck were conducted in Hope Church on September 19. Rev. Houck preached his inaugural sermon in Hope Church the following Sunday. Rev. Houck is serving as home missionary in the Lansing/Charlotte, Michigan area. 

Redlands has extended a call to Rev. David Engelsma. Their trio also included Rev. Marvin Kamps and Rev. Dale Kuiper. 

The congregation of our Southeast Church in Grand Rapids was rather surprised to see Rev. Schipper on their pulpit on the Sunday morning Rev. Carl Haak was scheduled to preach his first sermon as their new minister. Rev. Schipper informed the congregation that Rev. Haak was in the hospital with blood poisoning. This condition had developed from a sore on his hand. Rev. Haak did obtain a four-hour leave from the hospital on Sunday evening in order to preach. He has now recovered from his illness. Southeast scheduled a welcome program for their new pastor on Thursday, September 27. 

The Reformation Day lecture in the Grand Rapids area is scheduled for October 30 at the Calvin College Fine Arts Center. Rev. David Engelsma will speak on “Evangelism and the Reformed Faith.”