News From Our Churches

Our congregation in Redlands, California, has extended a call to Rev. Wayne Bekkering. Their trio also included Rev. John Heys and Rev. Dale Kuiper. Rev. David Engelsma declined his call from Redlands.

Rev. Bekkering recently declined a call from Hope, Walker, Michigan. Hope’s new trio includes Rev. David Engelsma, Rev. Kuiper, and Rev. Bernard Woudenberg. At the annual congregational meeting held on November 14, the Hope congregation extended a call to Rev. Kuiper. The Hope Church consistory has asked for and received the services of Rev. Herman Veltman to preach for them for Sunday morning services until they receive a pastor. In this way the congregation will be able to maintain continuity in preaching from the Catechism. 

Rev. Woudenberg has declined the call extended to him by our church in Lynden, Washington, to serve as home missionary in the Northwest Washington area. Lynden’s new trio includes Rev. Bekkering, Rev. Heys, and Rev. James Slopsema. 

Rev. Arie den Hartog preached his farewell sermon to his congregation in New Jersey on November 4. The den Hartogs have sold most of their household furniture in preparation for their move to Singapore. Rev. den Hartog will serve as missionary there. The den Hartog family will live with Rev. den Hartog’s parents in Lynden, Washington, until the necessary visa and work permit are received from the government in Singapore. Candidate Ronald Hanko has accepted the call our congregation in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and will take up his labors as their new pastor. 

Our congregation in Pella, Iowa, sponsored a Reformation Day Lecture on October 30. Rev. C. Hanko lectured on the theme: “The Reformation in Luther’s Soul.” A lunch was served by the ladies of the church after the lecture. 

Also on October 30, Rev. Engelsma, pastor of our church in South Holland, Illinois, lectured in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the theme: “Evangelism and the Reformed Faith.” The lecture in the Calvin College Fine Arts Center was well attended. A cassette tape of this lecture is available. Enclose $2 with your request to cover the cost of reproduction and mail to the Business Office (address inside front cover). Forty-nine copies of this cassette were ordered by those in attendance at the lecture. 

The Young People’s Society sponsored a Reformation Day Singspiration Sunday, November 4, at 7:30 in our church in Hull, Iowa. 

Rev. Steven Houck is laboring as home missionary in the Lansing, Michigan area under the supervision of the consistory of our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan. Rev. Houck was the speaker at a public lecture held in East Lansing on Wednesday, October 24. The Hope consistory has decided to visit the worship services in Lansing not less than once a month in order that they may better supervise and encourage the work there. 

Rev. C. Hanko spoke for the Mr. and Mrs. Society League Meeting in Grand Rapids on October 23. His topic was, “Family Visitation: How it should be conducted and how to prepare our families for it.” 

Our church in Holland, Michigan, scheduled a special program on Friday evening, November 16. Holland’s pastor, Rev. John Heys, was to give a report on the work in Christchurch, New Zealand. Rev. Heys illustrated his report with two hundred colored slides, including many of Singapore. Rev. Heys spent several months in Christchurch serving as minister-on-loan. Church society program chairmen might take note that Rev. Keys’ program is available for presentation in your church. 

A combined chapel of our Christian Schools in Doon and Hull, Iowa, was held on Thursday morning, October 25. The new pastor of our church in Hull, Rev. Cammenga, was the speaker. 

The congregation of our church in Loveland, Colorado, held a welcome program for their new pastor, Rev. Kortering and his family on Friday, October 26. 

Due to the rapid growth of the congregation, the consistory of our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan has had to revamp their catechism schedule. Formerly, classes were held on Monday evening. Now, the younger children meet in three classes on Saturday morning. Four classes for the older children and young people meet on Monday evenings.

A Thought for Contemplation from the pen of John Calvin carried in the South Holland bulletin: “Do we seek the true church of Christ? . . . wherever the pure voice of the Gospel sounds forth, where men continue in the profession thereof, where they apply themselves to the regular hearing of it that they may profit thereby, there beyond all doubt is the church.”