Now that the second semester at our seminary has begun, Ken Hanko and Barry Gritters are looking forward to their graduation this coming spring. Their graduation this spring will end many recent years of intense training and academic instruction. I know that both seminarians are earnestly awaiting the confirmation of their calling to be a minister in one of our churches or our mission fields. May God graciously provide them a place of labor in His vineyard. 

In the last issue I commented about the Activities Committee of Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church sponsoring an all day conference on the subject, “Bringing Up Children in an Increasingly Evil World.” This weekend many of us received a letter from the Committee stating the same information but also asking for a response to two questions. “What do you see as the greatest need in bringing up children today?” “What would you like discussed about it?” The “it” no doubt refers to the “greatest need in bringing up children today.” Several people from the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo area will participate on panels, Friday, April 8. If you desire to respond to the above questions and/or plan to attend this worthwhile conference send your information to 427 North Fletcher, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49007, by February 24th. The Activities Committee will greatly appreciate your response. By the way, the parsonage telephone number of Rev. Woudenberg has been changed to 1-616-345-4556. 

The consistory of Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Redlands, California has been busy with interested people in Ripon. Ripon is approximately 350 miles northwest of Redlands by air and approximately 70 miles east of San Francisco by air. The Reformed Witness Hour broadcasts over station KLOC in Modesto, which is 12 miles southeast of Ripon. Rev. Koole and Mr. J. Jabaay flew up to Ripon the week of the 9th of January. “They led a very good discussion dealing with the Theory of Common Grace. Some new contacts were made as well which seem promising.” “The group is requesting a missionary and the Consistory would like to reach the point where (they) can commit a full time missionary to the area in good conscience.” May God add abundant fruit upon their labors. 

The council of the Protestant Reformed Church of South Holland was also busy during January. They sent “a committee of Elder M. Smits and former Elder A. Lenting to our Birmingham mission field. . .as part of (their) oversight of the field.” Perhaps Rev. Van Overloop will send me some information concerning his labor in that part of God’s kingdom. 

The Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church is also busy sponsoring “The Protestant Reformed Chapel” at Bradenton, Florida. The winter chapel services are held at Bradenton Christian School. Rev. C. Hanko will preach there through February, and Rev. G. Lubbers will preach there into mid-April. 

First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids has requested that Rev. Flikkema, with the consent of the Council of Hope Protestant Reformed Church, labor in Jamaica from February 27 through March 20. Actually, three ministers are planning on going to Jamaica so that their stays there will overlap by one week. Rev. Joostens will be going first. All three ministers will go for three weeks’ time. The third member has not been confirmed as yet. 

First Protestant Reformed Church is also planning on a special congregational meeting February 14th. “The purpose of this meeting is to gain congregational approval for the following consistorial recommendation: ‘That we extend the closing date for the sale of our property from February 1 to July 1, 1983.’ ” The prospective buyer requested this extension so that adequate funds can be provided and so that a bond issue can be approved by the state of Michigan. 

I gleaned this from Covenant Protestant Reformed Church’s bulletin: “Hope Protestant Reformed Church, Redlands, CA is still looking for loans from our people to finish its building project. They need a total of $40,000 to complete the project. They are offering Treasury Bill rates with a minimum of 10% interest, payments to be made annually. There is no minimum on the loans. For information contact Mr. Dennis Van Uffelen, 1-714-794-4467.”