Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, has received the call from Edgerton, Minn. Rev. D. Engelsma, of Loveland, Colo., is considering a call that came to him from Hudsonville, Mich.

The speaker on the Reformed Witness Hour for the last two weeks in December is Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville. His topics: Dec. 19—”The Wise Men of the East,” Matt. 2:9-11; Dec. 26—”A Year of Eternal Beauty,” Rev. 21:3-5.

The Beacon Lights Staff sponsored a Thanksgiving Day Singspiration Nov. 21 in First Church. With Mrs. C. Lubbers at the organ and Miss Mary Kregel at the piano, Mr. C. Jonker led the gathering in some spirited singing. With quotations from Scripture Mr. Jonker directed the singers to the basic reasons for singing songs of thanksgiving; and with references to the instruction in the Heidelberg Catechism, we were led in the contemplation of the art of true and proper thanksgiving. Special music was a solo by Mr. Arnold Dykstra—a prayer especially suited to young people—”Take My Life And Let It Be”. Rev. VanBaren, pastor of First Church, led in closing prayer. This was truly an enjoyable and inspirational hour of Christian fellowship!

The Ladies Aid Society of First Church recently enjoyed the pictures of Jamaica shown and narrated by Mr. Harry Zwak of Hudsonville. An offering was taken for the work in that Caribbean Island in the Atlantic.

Besides the Reformation Day Rallies held in Grand Rapids and Hull, as reported before, Redlands had a Reformation Day Song Service after the morning service Oct. 31. The Sunday School took a major part in the program and were assisted by individuals of the congregation. And, Rev. D. Engelsma gave a Reformation Day speech in Loveland’s Christian School.

Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, Ill., combined two “travelogue lectures” with a three week classical appointment to Lynden, Wash. On Nov. 4 Rev. Heys showed 230 colored slides, pictorial proof of the work he and Mr. Zwak did in Jamaica last spring, to the congregation of Loveland, Colo. On Nov. 21 this program was repeated in Lynden, with narration accompanying the viewing of the pictures. One can imagine that those color pictures of that hot tropical island were especially appreciated on a cold November evening. Surely the denuded fields of Colorado and of Washington bore no resemblance to the lush vegetation of the mountain sides in which the Protestant Reformed Churches of Jamaica are nestled. While in Lynden Rev. Heys conducted the Installation Service of Rev. B. Woudenberg as Lynden’s new Pastor.

A copy of a pamphlet by Rev. Heys has indeed reached a far-off post. In Addanki, India there is a high school whose Headmaster is a man named George Jacob. This Headmaster wrote Rev. Heys that he had received a copy of his “Paid In Full” through a friend in India, who in turn received it from some one in the U.S.A. He made carbon copies of it in longhand, and intends to translate it into the local language for the natives who cannot read English. Mr. Jacob has asked for the complete set which will be sent him, plus a bonus of a year’s subscription of the Standard Bearer. What a great reason for gratitude that it pleases the King of His Church to use us in His plan to witness to “the ends of the earth” before His return on the clouds of heaven!

The Western churches’ pamphlet ministry still continues to find its way into the mailboxes of the people on the mailing list. The last one, by Rev. B. Woudenberg, was a timely one in that it dealt with The Love of God—whether it is Universal or Particular. May also this ministry continue to be a witness to the Truth of the Sovereignty of God, not only in the realm of Providence, but also, and especially in the realm of Salvation, wherein “the sheep who are of my fold” “hear my voice . . . . . . . and I give unto them Eternal Life.”

The new church going up in South Holland is being watched quite eagerly. The progress has reached the point that inside finishing will soon be started. The completion thereof will be none too soon for them. Last Sunday sixty people had to be seated in the basement to listen to the sermon on the loudspeaker installed there.

The league of Mr. and Mrs. Societies met Nov. 5 in Southwest Church and scheduled Prof. H. Hanko as speaker. The professor spoke on the topic, “The Intermediate State,” finding in the Scriptures the truth regarding this mysterious and little known subject. Prof. Hanko was also the speaker at the recent meeting of the Eastern Ladies League which met in Southwest Church. He spoke on “Racial Rioting and the Signs of the Times”. The speaker criticized the activities of the leaders in the American churches in the affairs of the national and secular problems of the day; and especially. denounced their sin of participating in civil disobedience.

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