News From Our Churches

The last lecture of this winter’s series was held in First Church March 28. Rev. J.A. Heys of Holland was the speaker and the topic was, “The Last Hour.” In contemplating this Hour the speaker explained the meaning of the term, showed the part we are to play in it, and found no little comfort in the fact that this Hour is in the hands of the Timeless Timekeeper, and the end of the Hour will be for us the time to enter the timeless Day in the beauty and bliss of God’s Presence. 

The weather was perfect to draw a good crowd filling the main floor quite solidly. Rev. H. Veldman led in opening devotions, and Rev. J. Kortering closed with prayer. The organist was the same as for all the lectures, Mrs. C. Lubbers, but the organ was not the same. To make way for their newly purchased organ, this one is in the final stages of dismantling and only about one third of the pipes were usable, but the audience were lusty singers and were carried along quite well with the crippled instrument under the skillful fingers of a good organist.

The Eastern Mens’ League met in Southeast Church April 1 with Rev. H. Veldman as speaker. He answered the question, “How will the unity of the saints be realized in the Latter Days?” Mr. Ted Engelsma, president of the League, led in devotions and introduced the speaker. Two young ladies, Ellen Kregel and Brenda Rietema, favored the men with an organ-piano duet, a variation built on the hymn, “Christ is Risen.” After recess business was conducted, questions were answered, and Mr. D. Meulenberg led in a prayer of thanksgiving.

The Junior Young People of First Church met with Hope’s Young People in joint session recently. The after recess discussion was on, “The Signs of the Last Times.” Have you noticed the ever recurrent interest in the Second Coming of our Lord shown in the above meetings centered around the precursory signs of that last event on God’s time-clock?

A male quartet of Redland’s church was featured at a hymn sing, sponsored by the Salem Circle, in the local C.R. Church. Their own auditorium was the setting for the Easter Cantata rendered by the Choral Society.

Southwest congregation was treated to a letter from Dick and Doris Kreuzer found in the bulletin racks. Mr. Kreuzer, we understand, is a medical student interning in Africa, working in the Sudan Interior Mission. His tour of duty will soon be over; he wrote, “We hope to share with you in detail some of the experiences and impressions upon our return. The Lord willing, we will see you all in church June 2 at the latest. Until then, we have several Reformed Witness Hour sermons to nourish us and remind us what a privilege and’ a precious heritage is ours as Protestant Reformed Christians.” 

Oh, what could out Mission Committee do with a medical missionary in Jamaica!

A debating team from Michigan met with the young people of Oak Lawn March 24 and discussed the challenge, “Reformation in the Protestant Reformed Churches—Why!”

Holland’s congregation recently welcomed into their fellowship a family—father, mother, and five daughters—from a Christian Reformed Church in Zeeland.

Our High School Board, in a Newsletter of April 7, rejoiced in the fact that teacher personnel has been recruited with our existing Christian school losing but one to this staff. Less than a week after the Society meeting the contractors were pouring cement for footings and wall of the building. The Newsletter said in part, “It seems they didn’t have patience to wait for groundbreaking ceremonies. Rightly so! Now if we can talk them into a 20 minute coffee-break on the 20th of April, we plan on having a Corner-Stone Laying ceremony! The contractors are the Newhof Associates; the Newhof brothers have always been members of our First Church in Grand Rapids. The staff will include, Mr. Roland Petersen, Administrator and part-time teacher, Miss A. Lubbers, Mrs. I. Quenga, Mr. D. Korhorn, Mr. C. Reitsma and Mr. V. Huber. Our new high school is indeed taking shape!

The Scholarship Fund of the Federation of Young People’s Societies is one project that always needs remembering by our people. All contributions to this worthy cause are to be sent to Donald J. Faber, 1123 Cooper Ave. S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507; applications for scholarships must be sent to Prof. H. Hanko, 4665 Ju-Lee-On S.W. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. This Fund supports any young people who intend to enter the teaching profession with a scholarship stipend. Surely this is a worthy cause, you will agree.

Mr. Tom Elzinga, from our Holland Church, has a very interesting hobby: that of furnishing past Standard Bearers to people asking for them. Recently a contact of his from New Jersey wrote that they were presenting their 21 year old son a graduation gift of fourteen bound volumes of the Standard Bearer. The current issues are being sent to him at college. They add that their younger son will inherit their bound volumes in course of time. Mr. Elzinga has built shelves in his basement so that he can from them loan out any back number of our magazine for a specified time. He also has made a complete index of Scripture texts treated, on those pages in the past. The owner of bound volumes can enhance their value by a great deal with a copy of that index for a ready reference to their contents. Rev. R. Decker has .received the call from our South Holland congregation. 

. . . see you in church