Young People’s Activities

The next opportunity you have to spend some time on the Internet, we invite you to look up www.prcconvention.com for a preview of this summer’s 70th annual young people’s convention. For some time now, members of the Hudsonville, MI PRC, this year’s host congregation, have been busy laying the groundwork for that all-important week. A steering committee has been selected, and they are sending monthly newsletters out in an effort to keep their fellow church members informed as to the progress of the various plans for the 2010 convention. This year’s convention will be held at Springhill Bible Camp, located near Evart, MI, about 90 miles north of Hudsonville. The convention is scheduled to be held August 16-20, with a theme of, “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. R. VanOverloop, and Prof. B. Gritters are this year’s scheduled speakers.

The Young People’s Society of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA invited their congregation to a Christmas singspiration on Sunday evening, December 20.

The Young People’s Society of the Edgerton, MN PRC invited members of their congregation, as well as others from nearby PR congregations, to their Christmas Singspiration on Sunday evening, December 20.

Congregation Activities

This past holiday season the girls of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI who are members of SALT, were collecting new and clean, gently used items for suffering Christians in Pakistan. This was a great way to show Christ’s love and care to fellow saints in great need. The more items they collected, the more care packs they could send. So families in Georgetown were encouraged to clean out their closets, or, when shopping, to throw in a new towel, sheet, or pair of socks to help in the effort.

The deacons of the Byron Center, MI PRC conducted a grocery drive to help families in their congregation who were in need. The deacons were looking for non-perishable grocery items collected on Old Year’s, New Year’s Day, and the Sunday following. It was hoped that not only would this provide for the needy, but also through that drive the congregation could again have the opportunity to show their love and concern for one another in the body of Christ.

Mr. Martyn McGeown and Mr. Dan Holstege, our two student interns, led worship services at the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI and the Randolph, WI PRC, respectively, for the last time in their internships, in late December. For Mr. McGeown it was on New Year’s Eve, and for Mr. Holstege, the Sunday morning worship service on December 27. Mr. Holstege’s plans were then to head to the Loveland, CO PRC and preach for them on December 31, January 1, and January 3. Mr. McGeown’s plans took him to the Lynden, WA PRC, where he was scheduled to fill their pulpit January 10 and 17.

Members of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI were invited to sing praises to our Lord after their worship service on December 31, a fitting opportunity to close the year. After the singing they were able to enjoy refreshments while they fellowshipped with one another.

The 4th-7th grade catechism classes of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI went caroling on December 27, after their evening service. They planned to come back to church, after caroling, for lunch and games.

The members of First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada enjoyed an evening of praise and fellowship as they celebrated Christ’s birth with their annual Christmas program on December 16. Although we do not know every special number performed that evening, we do know that Edmonton’s Heidelberg Catechism class contributed a number, as did the Saturday morning catechism students, and Edmonton’s choir also added to the program.

Speaking of programs, we hope you had the opportunity to thank the children and Sunday School teachers of your particular congregation for another wonderful Christmas program this past holiday season. That special program, like no other program the entire year, remains a favorite of so many in our churches. It certainly captures the joy of the season!

In addition to the election of officebearers and passing the annual proposed budget, the members of the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI also approved a proposal to enhance their auditorium heating and cooling system—something certainly appreciated on a cold Sunday in February or a hot Sunday in July.

Mission Activities

All the members of the Heritage PR Fellowship in Sioux Falls, South Dakota were invited to Bethany Meadows Lutheran Home in Brandon on Sunday evening, December 13, for a brief instrumental and vocal program by the children and other members of the Fellowship, followed by caroling.

The members of the Pittsburgh, PA Mission enjoyed their Christmas Social on January 2. The event started at 4:00, with the singing of some songs and playing games with the children, followed by their Winter BBQ dinner.

The congregation of the Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines, hosted a Young Adults Fellowship activity on December 30 at the Mt. Horeb Retreat Facility, not far from the Berean PRC. In attendance were 44 young people/young adults from the All of Grace PR Fellowship in Gabaldon, the First Reformed Church, Muzon; the Christian Faith Ministry in Batasan Hills; and the Berean congregation. The theme was “Walking As the Children of Light” (I Thess. 5:5-8). Rev. D. Kleyn gave the inspirational speech and there were two Bible study sessions. 1) The Children of Light and Technology, and 2) The Children of Light and Entertainment.

Minister Activities

Prof. D. Engelsma declined the call extended to him from the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL to serve as their next pastor.

The Loveland, CO PRC has extended a call to Rev. S. Key to serve as their next pastor.

First PRC in Holland, MI extended a call to Rev. K. Koole to become their next pastor.

Rev. Eriks declined the call to Byron Center PRC.