News From Our Churches

The January issue of Loveland School’s Ledger contained an editorial by the school board regarding the so-called findings of science—specifically their latest venture to determine the “origin” of the rocks on the moon. This editorial predicts that this will only result in still another attempt of man to “prove to himself that the Scriptural description of creation is impossible and untrue.” The last paragraph we will give in its entirety: “We thank Thee, Father, that we are privileged to have our own Christian day school, where our children may daily express their gratitude in prayer for all Thy good gifts and spiritual blessings; and that they may be under the supervision and training of a teacher who is of the same faith, and whose desire and purpose is to strengthen the church in the proper education of our covenant youth.”

The January 26 bulletin of Doon announced that their pastor was preaching in Forbes that day; but bad weather changed this decision,—Rev. Decker stayed home!

The young people of the Grand Rapids area who are interested in attending the Convention in Redlands this year have called a meeting with their parents to discuss the mode of travel to be utilized, be it bus, train, or plane. Advance rumors have it that a jet plane would be the least expensive, and quickest. That would put our young people in the “jet set.” One of the many events sponsored by the Federation Board to raise money for the trip is a Family Night to be held May 23. This will include a supper and activities for all ages. We trust this means that the activities will range from the gymnastic to the sedentary.

A Dedicatory Program is scheduled in First Church to dedicate the new organ and the remodeled auditorium. Mark the date, April 18, on your calendar so that you may share the joy of First Church, may see the remodeled auditorium, and may hear some fine organ music by Mrs. G. Bol and Misses Mary and Ellen Kregel (the regular organists of the church), and Mrs. C. Lubbers (organist for the Radio Choir). A special demonstration will be given to show what the organ’s component parts do alone and in different combinations. The Music Committee is planning an Organ Recital some time in early spring. Watch for further announcements.

Shades of summer! In a Feb. 2 bulletin of First Church this: “Reserve June 20, 1969 for the Annual Sunday School Picnic to be held in Douglas Walker Park.” And in our February mail we received a July 14, 1968 bulletin from one of our churches. A mistake, no doubt. But it did contain some excellent “quotes” from the works of Spurgeon which we may share with you from time to time; so all is not wasted.

Lynden’s Adult Bible Class suffered cancellations for two weeks in January because of winter storms; and Loveland’s children suffered bouts of flu and chicken pox, curtailing their activities in school and catechism.

As you know, our churches do not all have the same practices, but did you know that Loveland’s congregation stands for the prayer following the sermon, and is seated for the song which follows?

And, practices are changing: in Hope’s February 2 bulletin we read, “This morning we introduce an offertory as part of our liturgy.”

Lynden’s people all came to church on Sunday evening unitedly to “wish the Lord’s blessing to Charles Vander Veen” who was to leave for military duty that week. That is Christian concern in action!

The monthly Discussion Group of First Church, in their February meeting, discussed the controversial “Parochiaid.” It may be somewhat difficult to see the stripes of the tiger at the far end of the string attached to this gift, but. . . !

Lynden’s Adult Bible Class has found an excellent use for the “Dogmatics” of the late Rev. H. Hoeksema: they are studying it!

And now for one of those “quotes” from that nineteenth century British Baptist preacher, C.H. Spurgeon: “We did not ask Him to make a Covenant of Grace. We did not ask Him to elect us. We did not ask Him to redeem us. Those things were done before we were born. We did not ask Him to call us by His Grace, for alas! we did not know the value of that call, and we were dead in trespasses and sins, but He gave to us freely of His unsought, boundless love. Prevenient grace came to us, outrunning all our desires, and all our wills, and all our prayers.”

….see you in church!