News From Our Churches

Loveland’s pastor, Rev. D. Engelsma, has declined the call which he had received from South Holland, Illinois. Our church in Hull, Iowa has extended a call to Rev. G. Lubbers, of our Southwest Church in Grand Rapids. Candidate R. Moore is at this writing considering two calls, one from Isabel and the other from Forbes, in the Dakotas.

Rev. G. Vos, emeritus minister of Hudsonville, suffered injuries in a car-truck collision in that village June 21, and was taken to Zeeland Hospital, where it was learned that he suffered some fractured ribs and a punctured lung, besides other injuries of a more superficial nature. Rev. Vos was later transferred to Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids, where his lung injury might receive proper attention. The brother was released from the hospital July 13 to recuperate in the atmosphere of home and family. Mrs. Vos continues to suffer much pain in her extreme arthritic condition. We commend this aged couple to the love and care of our sympathetic High Priest for succor in time of need.

The Jamaican Clothing drive provided Southeast’s Diaconate with enough material to make up twenty-nine good-sized bales. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt. 25:40.

The summer bulletins are meager news reporters. The extra activities of the congregations have come to an abrupt halt as they reached their seasonal close. It is possible that we could profitably take a leaf out of the activity book of our Baptist friends and hold a mid-week Bible Study meeting for the benefit of those who can hardly wait a whole week for spiritual “re-fueling.”

Hudsonville’s consistory has considered the plight of the deacons’ families and has decided to allow the fathers to take their places in the auditorium with their families of small children. Another innovation introduced this summer is the practice of partaking of the elements of Holy Communion in unison.

The Hope School Board thankfully announced that their financial drive netted almost $7,000.00 in cash and pledges.

Rev. Woudenberg’s “Studies in Biblical Doctrines” are finding their way to the river boats that engage in warfare in Viet Nam. A certain John Bouma, whose home is in Bellaire, Texas, wrote from Viet Nam telling of his appreciation of those sheets while serving in river warfare as a Naval Reservist. And, a man wrote from Paw Paw, W. Va. to express his joy that his family is being helped to a better understanding of the Scriptures through the copies he receives. The U.S. Mails will deliver those valuable sheets to anyone whose name you would like to add to Rev. Woudenberg’s mailing list. Just ask him.

Some young couples of First Church in Grand Rapids are sponsoring, a once-a-month discussion group which meets after the evening service in the church. The first meeting was held in June, and it was a real success, with about eighty people of all ages participating. The group was split into four smaller units, each with a chairman to guide the discussion. June’s topic was the church’s relation to the race question and the civil rights movements in the neighborhoods. The topic under discussion in the July meeting was “Local Mission Work,” another timely subject well worth an evening’s time. The subject chosen for August is “Prayer.”

Our Seminary will be a much busier place this Fall. At least six young men will join seminarian Rodney Miersma in many of his classes as they receive pre-seminary training for the next three years. A five-year plan has been tentatively set up which is intended to provide us with ministers who have had all their training from High School forward under Protestant Reformed instructors. A more complete report of our Seminary has been scheduled to appear in one of the Fall issues of the Standard Bearer.

As a result of a synodical decision, Rev. and Mrs. Heys, of Holland, Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. T. Feenstra, of Redlands, Calif., have been sent to Jamaica for a two-month tour of labor. Rev. Heys is expected to instruct the ministers and elders, and Mr. Feenstra’s contribution to the work will be that of giving advice and assistance to our Jamaican friends’ project of providing church buildings which will meet with government approval. And if the calling church is unsuccessful in obtaining a missionary for the Island, the consistories will be asked to release their ministers for periods of six months in order to give continuity to the work we have begun there.

A filler in Southeast’s summertime bulletin printed the following “Quiet Thought”: “Would you approve of discontinuing our Sunday evening service? You say, ‘Of course not!’ But have you ever realized that your willful absence is a vote to discontinue it?” That was a “quiet thought” which spoke quite loudly! 

. . . see you in church,