News From Our Churches

As most of us know, an individual who desires to partake of the Lord’s Supper usually has his or her name read at the beginning of the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. The Consistory of Southwest Protestant Reformed Church has adopted a different procedure: “‘All requests for permission to partake of the Lord’s Supper must be made one week prior to the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and the name shall be announced from the pulpit at the preparatory service.’ This gives the congregation opportunity to make objection if necessary and give the requesting participants opportunity to partake in preparatory.” 

Southwest Protestant Reformed Church has “district elders” where two elders are assigned to part of the congregation who live in a certain geographical location. There are three geographical areas served by six district elders. 

Southwest Church also has started organizing Sunday evening discussion groups. Other of our churches also have Sunday evening Bible discussion groups. Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker has discussion groups that meet once a month from October to May. These meetings are very profitable for those who attend, and they serve to unite the body of Christ together. 

By now many of us have noticed the changes in the sermon pamphlets of the Reformed Witness Hour. The reason, for these changes is to improve the print quality of the pamphlets so that they are more readable. In the past, the pamphlets were mimeographed. Now they are typeset. I have heard several older members of our congregations remark about their being able to read the new pamphlets a lot more easily. The cover was also changed in order to give the pamphlet a more attractive appearance. These changes are costly, almost three times as much as a mimeographed copy, but these changes are for the benefit of those who read them. 

It is good to see from the church bulletins that frequent collections are taken for the Reformed Witness Hour. Although some stations have been dropped, the cost of the other stations continues to rise. I have gathered the following station names, frequencies, and times from our various church bulletins: Hull Protestant Church—KDCR (88.5 FM), 6:15 P.M., Sunday; Loveland Protestant Reformed Church—KLOV (1570 AM), 10 A.M., Sunday; Randolph Protestant Reformed Church—WLKE (1170), 8:30 A.M., Sunday; First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids—WJBL (94.5 FM), 200 P.M. Sunday, WFUR (1570 AM), 4:00 P.M., Sunday, and WJBL (94.5 FM), 12:30 P.M., Tuesday. There are a few more stations in addition to these that the Reformed Witness Hour broadcasts over. 

Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church sponsors its own radio broadcast called Saturday Evening Meditations over WJBL (94.5 FM), at 9 P.M. The Meditations are taped copies of previous Sunday sermons. I am going to quote a response to this broadcast, taken from the January 2, 1983 bulletin. ” ‘Letting you know that I listen to your sermon every Saturday night on WJBL, I and also two of my widowed sisters. . . .who each live in their own home or trailer also listen to you. The older sister and I are Christian Reformed. The younger sister is Reformed Church of America. . . . We all look forward to your preaching as solid Calvinistic Preaching, and we thank you for it. . ..I was young when your church separated. . . . I did not understand the split and because I was younger, didn’t concern myself very much. . . . The thing that concerns me and Christianity is that we are saved by Grace (and Grace alone) not by works. . . .’ A listener from Zeeland.” 

“Rev. Joostens and deacon Dan Pastoor and their wives left for the Jamaican field at 7 A.M. last Thursday (February 10th).” Rev. Flikkema and Rev. Miersma will follow Rev. Joostens so that their times will not overlap. May God bless this field of labor in His vineyard with abundant fruit. 

If you were thousands of miles away from home you would want to receive letters from your friends. South Holland Protestant Reformed Church put this announcement in their bulletin of January 23: “Mr. Michael Soh, a member of our sister, church in Singapore, is a student at Southern Illinois University. His address is 504 South Rawlings, Apt. 44, Carbondale, IL. 62901. His birthday is May 27. . . .” Perhaps Mr. Michael Soh would appreciate letters from his friends not so far away. 

The next issue will inform you about the “Tape Room” and about the forbidden use of lottery.