News From Our Churches

In a special congregational meeting of Feb. 24 First Church of Grand Rapids chose to call Rev. J.A. Heys, of Holland, Mich., to be Missionary to Jamaica. 

This is a First for our denomination—a foreign missionary elect! Should Rev. Heys be constrained to accept this call, it will cripple our home front with another vacant church; but this contingency, too, was taken into account by our Synod which appointed a calling church to carry out their decision to place a man in the Jamaican field.

Young Men—you in high school, are you thinking about the need for ministers in our denomination? Talk to your parents, your teachers, your elders and your pastors about this. It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to see the many indications of future expansion and the concomitant need for more ministers, both for our present vacant churches and for those to be organized in the future.

Redlands is elevated high enough to escape the devastation resulting from the heavy rains that have plagued the lower parts of Southern California but they do share the rainstorms and cloudy weather which is so rare there. Redlands congregation is bracing for another deluge—the deluge of over one hundred young people coming to the Convention. The big problem will be where to house them. It probably will run the gamut from haymows to motels.

The Delegates to Classis West, to be held in South Holland, March 5, will also provide other benefits for our vacant churches. Rev. Hanko, of Redlands, will preach two Sundays in Hull, Iowa, and attend Classis between Sundays. Rev. Woudenberg, of Lynden, has been secured by South Holland’s people to give a lecture on some aspect of mission work on the level of the local congregation. Besides these activities, the S.H. Laides Auxilliary is sponsoring a Smorgasbord March 14, and the after dinner speaker will be Rev. Heys giving his illustrated talk on the world of missions in the Island of Jamaica.

Rev. R. Moore was on a classical appointment to Forbes Feb. 9, but occupied his own pulpit in the evening. Isabel’s morning service featured a taped sermon a lieu of the erstwhile reading sermon.

In the latest Newsletter from our Covenant Christian High School we found this encouraging good news anent the financial status: “Many contributors have already contributed more than the amount they have pledged… During the first months of operation some unforeseen expenses did come up. Even though these expenses were specifically not expected, they were paid, thanks to the special gifts of individuals and groups and by those contributing in excess of their pledges.”

In a true “eye for an eye” reciprocation (but in a good sense) Rev. Lubbers is teaching Hudsonville’s Wednesday evening catechism classes which Rev. Veldman in working in Pella—as did Hudsonville’s pastor to oblige Southwest’s pastor during his six-week stay in Pella.

Hope’s Feb. 10 bulletin announced that a member of their Mr. and Mrs. Society was to introduce the subject of their after recess discussion: “A Woman’s Place In Life.” Oh well, one doesn’t necessarily expect to exhaust a subject in the time usually allotted to it.

South Holland has announced a new trio: the Revs. C. Hanko, J. Kortering, and M. Schipper. The Consistory has also introduced separate elders’ and deacons’ meetings according to the rule of Article 37 of the Church Order.

Rev. Lubbers tells that he has experienced a very enjoyable time in Pella, Iowa, preaching, lecturing and teaching catechism. During his stay two more families were added to the church with eleven children between them—the first children on the register for many years. His replacement, Rev. Veldman also sends back encouraging reports.

Southwest’s societies’ after recess discussions centered around, (Young People) “How must we understand Cain’s punishment?”; (Men) Is it right or wrong to be a passive Christian concerning world events?”; (Ladies) “What about Parochiaid?”

College Students and High School Seniors:Scholarships are available for prospective ministers and teachers through the Young People’s Federation Scholarship Committee…Obtain an application from your society secretary or your pastor and mail it before May 1.

. . . .see you in church.