Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.


Congregation Activities 

For readers of the Standard Bearer, and especially the “News,” who may believe that our congregations in Canada face the hazards of snow year round, we present as proof to the contrary an item in a recent bulletin from the First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada inviting their members to a church Golf Tournament on September 7. After golf there was a hot dog roast at the home of one of Edmonton’s members.

The council of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI informed their congregation recently that they had approved the recommendation of their committee that Faith begin the process of establishing a daughter congregation. This committee was to begin canvassing members of the Faith congregation to determine interest for such.

The consistory of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI invited their congregation to a short Singspiration of Psalter numbers after their evening worship service on Sunday, August 27.

The congregation in Hudsonville, MI extended a special welcome to Mr. Martyn McGeown on Sunday, August 20. Mr. McGeown, a member of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland, had arrived safely the 17th of August to begin his studies at our seminary in preparation for the ministry. To make Martyn feel at home, the members of Hudsonville have begun to invite him to home-cooked meals. This gives Hudsonville’s members a better opportunity also to get to know him.

Members of the Doon and Hull, Iowa PRCs were invited to an evening of fellowship and pizza hosted by the Sioux Falls Bible Study on September 6 in the Oakview Library in Sioux Falls.

Young Adult Activities

The Young Adult Society of the Edgerton, MN PRC sponsored a Young Adults Retreat on August 14-18 at Inspiration Hills in NW Iowa. The theme of the retreat was, “Fighting the Good Fight of Faith,” with Rev. J. Mahtani, pastor of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL, and Rev. D. Lee, pastor at Edgerton, as the featured speakers. Rev. Mahtani spoke twice. On Monday evening he spoke on “Fighting the Good Fight of Faith,” and on Wednesday he followed with a speech entitled, “The Reward of the Fight.” On Tuesday evening Rev. Lee spoke to the some twenty-five young adults on the topic “Prepared with the Spiritual Weaponry to Fight.” Besides the speeches and discussions, there were other fun activities such as softball, canoeing, swimming, tennis, and a visit to the corn maize.

Denomination Activities

With the meeting of Classis West on September 6, an Officebearers’ Conference was held the day before at the Hull, Iowa PRC. The theme of this conference was, “The Holy Spirit: True and Co-Eternal God.” The keynote address was given by Rev. R. Smit, pastor of Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, entitled, “I Believe in the Holy Ghost.” This speech was followed by three sectionals throughout the day. Rev. J. Mahtani, pastor of Bethel PRC, Roselle, IL, spoke on “Worshiped and Glorified.” Rev. D. Overway, pastor of the Doon, IA PRC, spoke on “Who Spake by the Prophets.” And Rev. Doug Kuiper, pastor of the Randolph, WI PRC, spoke on “Grieve Not the Spirit.”

Evangelism Activities

In mid August members from both the Hudsonville, MI and Trinity PRCs sponsored a booth at the Hudsonville Fair. New rules at the Fair implemented a couple of years ago insist that each booth at the fair be staffed whenever the fair is open. This means that it takes a lot of volunteers from Hudsonville and Trinity to staff their booth each day. But it gives those who do, a unique perspective on the average fairgoer, and a couple of hours handing out literature can lead to some interesting conversations.

Rev. J. Kortering gave a special presentation on “Mission Work in India” after the evening service September 3 at Grace PRC in Standale, MI. This event was sponsored by the Grace Evangelism Committee.

Grace’s Evangelism Committee also again this year helped PR students at Grand Valley State University with their Christianity on Campus organization. As in past years, the group of students set up a table at GVSU’s annual Campus Life Night to introduce themselves to students at GV. To help the students, the ladies of Grace provided brownies, cookies, muffins, and other goodies to serve to visitors at their table. The response to this effort last year was very positive.

School Activities

The first annual Faith Christian School Classic (10K/5K/1mile fun run/walk) was held the morning of August 19 at Randolph Park in Randolph, WI, with proceeds for the Building Fund of Faith Christian School. Looking at the Registration Form for the event, we see that age categories started at 13 and under and went all the way to a masters division (55 and up). So no one was left out, which also means that no one will be left out next year for the Second Annual Faith Classic. There is room for all of us—just start running.

Members of the Heritage Christian School Association in Hudsonville, MI met August 28 for a special School Society meeting to approve action taken by Heritage’s School Board to deal with a carpet mold problem that appeared in late July and early August. The heat, humidity, and soaking rains of the summer evidently made conditions ideal for mold to appear on most of Heritage’s elementary classroom floors, three of them so severe that Heritage had to hire an environmental cleaning service to remove the carpet and clean the rooms. In response to this problem, the School Board decided to remove and replace all the carpeting in the affected classrooms at a cost of around $60,000. Due to the severity and urgency of this unforeseen problem, the Board was forced to react before there was time to seek Society approval. This mold problem also led to concerns that the project might not be complete before the first day of school. But with the help of several work bees, Heritage was able to start their school year on time.