Candidate Wilbur Bruinsma has accepted the call he received from our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan, to become their pastor. We can probably assume that Candidate Bruinsma has declined the call he received from Southeast Church. The trio of Southwest Church consisting of Candidate Bruinsma, Rev. Arie den Hartog and Candidate Michael DeVries has now been reduced to a duo. 

The editor of this column was looking forward to some help in filling this page in the form of a Classis Report. Classis West has been postponed until October 18 due to a light agenda and in the expectation that a classical exam will have to be administered. Classis East was scheduled to meet on September 13. Classis East will have to meet again soon in order to examine Candidate Bruinsma before he can be installed as pastor of Faith Church. With three of our churches still without a minister it may well be that more special classical meetings may have to be called in order to administer classical exams to our candidates. 

The following rather interesting note was received from our Home Missionary, Rev. Robert Harbach, now laboring in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. “Seldom, if ever, is it that there is any really earthshaking news to report. But now that is literally the case. Earlier in the summer, during one of our worship services, there was an earth tremor which shook the building (reminiscent of Acts 4:31), to some, quite noticeably. However, the preacher himself was oblivious to the event, filled as he was, with the sermonic seismic activity of his own mind and heart. Then, just a few weeks back, another earthquake occurred, unknown to us, but felt by some of our people a few miles north of us. The latest, this week, was, for us, quite a startling tremor. Shaking the whole apartment building, it caused a sound like a muffled explosion internal to the premises. All this serves to comfort us, in the most practical reality, with our Lord’s long-prophesied and now occurring signs of His sure, quick coming. In this Blessed Hope, we continue to preach the glorious soul-stirring Gospel!” 

The following report concerning Rev. Harbach’s work was printed in our Hope Church Bulletin. “It is wonderful to still be busy preaching and teaching the Protestant Reformed Truth! Now past is a catechetical season in Old Testament History in which we taught 8 children with an occasional visit of 4 other children. These catechumens studied and learned enthusiastically, and parents are most thankful for the instruction, some benefits of which became apparent in the children’s increased knowledge. 

“Also completed was a class of 5 adults and 2 young people in a very detailed study in ‘Essentials of Reformed Doctrine.’ This Thursday Bible study class was always lively with the asking and answering of a continual flow of pertinent questions and spontaneous discussions which often continued for two hours and more. 

“In Clearbrook, B.C., not far from Lynden, Washington, we taught a class in Reformed Essentials. This class consisted of 4 to 8 people in the Reformed Community and 2 or 3 couples of the Lynden P.R.C. This class met every other Monday, closing for the season with a lecture on “Keys Given the Church.” 

“In 32 sermons we went through I Timothy, verse by verse. In 37 Lord’s Days we have gone to that point in the Heidelberg Catechism bringing truth such as the little group never heard before. 

“We try to publish a two-page Calvinist Contenderabout every other month, which goes out to a few in the area and elsewhere across the land.” 

In response to various requests from the congregation, the consistory of our church in Loveland, Colorado, has decided to change the doxology sung at the close of the Sunday evening service with the singing of ‘May the grace of Christ the Saviour.’ This doxology is also used by other of our churches. 

The Sunday School teachers in the Michigan area planned to gather for their annual Fall Mass Meeting at Hudsonville Church on September 19. Rev. C. Hanko was the scheduled speaker.

A Thought For Contemplation from the South Holland bulletin—from the pen of John Calvin: 

“. . . the first part of prayer is consent to the will of the Lord, who is by no means bound to follow our desires. We must, therefore, pray to God to regulate our prayers according to His will, if we would have them accepted by Him.”