News From Our Churches

First Church gave Rev. Heys an extension of time to consider his call to be Missionary to Jamaica until after Synod meets in June. Synod must make certain decisions pertaining to this call, which awaits information to be gathered by our emissaries, Rev. Lubbers and Elder Meulenberg who will be working there from April 8 to May 26.

Rev. Veldman, while working in the Pella, Iowa area, has conducted services twice each Sunday and a Prayer Day evening service, has lectured three times on, “The Child and the Promise”; “The Reformation and the Modern Merger of Churches;” and “Our Future.” He writes that he has thoroughly enjoyed his work and has appreciated the response upon his labors. Their new building was formerly a medical clinic comprising several rooms, one ample in size for public worship services. This room is furnished with a pulpit, pews, piano, and wall clock. Rev. Decker declined the call Pella had extended him, so that they again face making a new choice for a minister to serve them. 

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