News From Our Churches

                Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, has declined the call which came to him from our church at Edgerton, Minn.

This week, beginning June 1, the 1966 Synod will make decisions affecting our denomination, meaning each one of us. One of the items of business, of interest to would-be-ministers, is a proposal to offer a pre-seminary course in our Theological School. The Mission Board is planning greater activities, under the Lord’s guidance and. favor, and is asking for a larger committee to carry out this work. You may expect to read of some of these resolutions on your church bulletins when they have been decided. In all these matters that deal with our denominational life let us remember that Synod is not “they” but “we” who make decisions and carry them out. Let us remember this broadest gathering of our churches before the Throne of Grace.

A Report of the Western Ladies’ League held April 15 at Doon Church was received over the signature of Mrs. C. Klein, secretary of the League. Mrs. R. Decker was Chairman of the day; Rev. J. Kortering was the speaker, his theme: “Enduring Friendship,” based onProv. 17:17. The societies of Hull and Edgerton provided special musical numbers. Rev. R. Decker answered questions on one of the articles in the Canons, on the necessity of society life, and on the Protestant Reformed stand on divorce and remarriage in comparison with that of the Christian Reformed Church. This was an afternoon meeting and was concluded with a lunch wherein the theme, “Christian Fellowship,” was graphically portrayed.

One of Lovelands’ young men, Aaron Schwarz, is stationed near Da Nang in Viet Nam, partaking in the “skirmish” which dare not be named a war. In a letter to his pastor, Rev. D. Engelsma, he writes that he is “confident of God’s care for him so that he need not be afraid” even though he expects to be sent to an area where heavy casualties have been reported. That, young people is faith, an abiding trust that “God is ever mindful of His own.”

Are you within easy driving distance from Hudsonville? Then plan to attend the Singspiration scheduled for June 19, sponsored by the Beacon Lights Staff.

The Spring Banquet of the Young People in the Grand Rapids Area was held May 10. Prof. H. Hanko was the speaker. His topic was “The New Morality.”

The Board of the Northwest Iowa Prot. Ref. Christian School Society recently printed a Newsletter giving the statistics to date. The Society has been incorporated as a non-profit society in the State; lots have been purchased in Doon on Highway 167; a building has been approved at the estimated cost of $20,245.00; $13,000.00 of this has been received in cash and pledges; another drive for $4,000.00 is planned for late summer; and, D.V. they hope to open the doors of their new school in the Fall of 1967.

From Doon’s bulletin we learn that Edgerton, Minn. had been designated as the place for the rendering of the Choral Society’s program schedule for May 1.

Rev. G. Vos, emeritus, has tendered his resignation as Moderator to Hudsonville’s church and Rev. H. Veldman has been appointed in his stead.

Revs. M. Schipper and R.C. Harbach had a rewarding trip “out east.” They met with a congregation in New Jersey and preached and discussed our doctrine. They rejoice that many contacts were made for future correspondence.

The Young People of First Church have elected to work for some of the donations they are expecting from their congregation towards the expenses of the coming Y.P. Convention. They are announcing a Carwash in Adams St. School parking lot on Saturday, May 28. Folks who do not have cars or who cannot bring them out to the car wash will be given opportunity to donate to the cause by envelope in the church collection plate, May 29.

The Kindergarten Roundup was held in Adams St. School gym Thursday, May 12. This is usually conducted by the teacher expecting to have the class next season, but Adams’ new teacher, Miss Hilda Meelker, is still in California and could not therefore be present. Adams’ Principal, Mrs. H.C. Hoeksema, conducted the roundup and introduced the pre-kindergarteners (and new mothers) to school life, picturing this with the aid of a life-size doll who was made to learn all that the youngsters are supposed to know, and how to dress for different occasions. After this combined session, the mothers were taken into a room to discuss school life with a representative of the Mothers’ Club, while the children were alone with the teacher. This little taste of school seems to whet the appetite of the children so that they are anxious for September and are more than willing to leave their mothers on that First Day of school!

Quote from South Holland: “If thou art not born again, all thy outward reformation is naught. Thou hast shut the door, but the thief is still in the house.” 

. . . . see you in church.