Classis East of our churches has scheduled a special session on October 25 in order to examine Candidate Wilbur Bruinsma who has accepted a call to our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan. Candidate Richard Flikkema has accepted his call to our church in Isabel, South Dakota. Classis West has postponed its fall meeting to October 18 in Doon, Iowa. Candidate Flikkema will receive his Classical exam during this meeting. Our Southwest Church in Grand Rapids has called Candidate Michael DeVries. Should Candidate DeVries accept this call, he too will be examined by Classis East on October 25. Faith Church plans to install their new pastor on the evening Classis meets. 

At a congregational meeting held on September 25, Southeast Church extended a call to Rev. Ronald Van Overloop. The Southeast trio also included Candidate DeVries and Rev. Arie den Hartog. 

Sometimes news seems to leap long distances with greater speed than it crosses town. Bulletins in Randolph, Wisconsin, and Redlands, California, both carried the news that Rev. John Heys is making plans to go to Christchurch, New Zealand as an emissary. He is, however, experiencing some difficulty in getting his visa. Rev. Heys’ consistory in Holland, Michigan, has already given their pastor permission to be absent for eight or nine months. You may recall that Rev. Van Overloop just returned after spending nine months in Christchurch. 

Rev. B. Woudenberg and Elder Clare Prince spent about ten days during the end of September in Jamaica, evaluating the mission field there. 

The Evangelism Committee of our church in South Holland, Illinois, is sponsoring a series of three lectures on October 26, October 30, and November 1. These lectures are intended for the defense and promotion of the historic Reformed faith in the Chicagoland area. In order, they will be: “The Inerrancy of Scripture” (Prof. H. Hanko); “Women in Church Office” (Prof. R. Decker); and “Reprobation—Is It Reformed?” (Rev. D. Engelsma). All three lectures will be held in the auditorium of Illiana Christian High School. 

Southwest Church met in their new building for the first time on Sunday, August 27. A dedication program for the new building was held on Friday, September 15.