News From Our Churches

An Office Bearer’s Conference, held in Hudsonville Church, featured Rev. Schipper speaking on, “The Encouragement of Students for the Ministry, according to Art. 19 of the Church Order”; Prof. Hanko spoke for the Mens’ League April 7 on, “The Intermediate State”; and Rev. Van Baren addressed the Eastern Ladies’ League April 10, speaking on, “The Restoration of Babel”, which the speaker said was taking form before our eyes, ushering in the time when our Lord will once more say, “. . . and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” Gen. 11:6.

The Spring Lecture was held in First Church April 11, with Prof. Hoeksema speaking on, “The Marks of the True Church”, a moving exposition of the Word of God as it is embodied in the treatise on “The Church” found in the Netherland Confession. The size of the audience was a bit disappointing, not to be blamed to inclement weather, for it was a cloudless evening. If some stayed away because they thought they would hear nothing new—they were right, for the truth of The Church is at least as old as our Confessions. If others stayed away because they thought the Seminary Professor would say that ours was the purest manifestation of the true church—they were right, but he based it on the truth of the confessions which clearly spell out the distinctive marks whereby we may know the true from the false. But a lecture on that subject cannot be expected to draw a big crowd in this day of the idol worship of the modern god, “Ecumenicity,” who views the words, “mark” and “true”, as four-letter-words not to be mentioned in the company of his worshipers. The speaker especially warned the young people of the gradual decline from the true to the false, and reminded them of their calling to be joined to the purest manifestation of the true church. Mrs. C. Lubbers was at the organ playing music furthering the theme of the lecture. The offering was for the Jamaican Building Fund. 

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