News From Our Churches

Rev. M.Schipper, of Southeast Church, has declined the call from Hudsonville, Mich. 

Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, has declined the call which he had received from our church at Edgerton, Minn. The trio also included the Revs. R.C. Harbach and M. Schipper.

Rev. C. Hanko, of Redlands, Calif., was the Commencement Speaker at the Redlands Christian School. Four of his church were numbered with the graduates this year. Rev. Hanko was unable to attend Synod this summer as delegated, that he might rest for his impending surgery, scheduled for June 21. His son, Prof. H. Hanko plans to take his pulpit and congregational work for four weeks beginning at that time. Reports from the manse reveal that Mrs. Hanko’s reading and speech are steadily improving.

Due to the heavy concentration of clergy in Iowa for Synod on Sunday, June 5, Seminarians Kuiper and Moore were pretty busy in the churches in Classis East. They both preached three times, and in three different churches.

Are you a regular listener to the Reformed Witness Hour radio program? Then we need not tell you of the series of sermons by Rev. G. VanBaren delivered in June. This series is an answer to the question, “How can I get into Christ?” Have you a neighbor or friend who is not a confessing Christian but who is concerned with that question? Then the printed copies of these sermons would be an ideal means for instruction in the Doctrine of Regeneration, and how one can recognize the evidences of the New Life in one’s heart and soul. The usual invitation given to the listeners is extended to our readers: send for the printed copies for your use, or for a friend. Mail your request to: The Reformed Witness Hour, Box 12305 Grand Rapids, Mich.

A short paragraph in Doon’s June 12th bulletin thanking those who catered for and housed the delegates to Synod, signaled the fact that our 1966 Synod meeting belongs to history. A few of the decisions reached (you may read about all of them in the printed Acts) are: the emeritation of Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville; the life-term appointment of Prof. H.C. Hoeksema; an instruction to the Theological School Comm. to plan a pre-seminary course; an instruction to the Mission Board to continue their efforts in the lecture field; and one to the Mission Board to furnish the calling church with a new “gross list” that a trio may be named from which to call a missionary.

Prof. H. Hanko was scheduled to lecture, June 2, in our church at Hull, Iowa. This lecture was sponsored by the Reformed Action Society, and was on, “Our Calling Towards Modern Day Ecumenism.”

Kalamazoo’s consistory has prepared and printed a 64 page booklet entitled, “Project Three Forms.” It contains the Three Forms of Unity as well as the Athanasian Creed and the Nicene Creed. The bulletin notice concerning this printing read, “Soon, then, we hope this best-of-all expressions of the faith of our fathers will be ready for sale and distribution through the consistory.”

Hull’s pastor, Rev. J. Kortering, complimented the catechumens and their parents, in the May 15 bulletin, for their co-operation in the ministry of catechism in their church. He was happy to announce that 40 catechumens had a perfect attendance record in the past season. We lifted a related item from Redlands bulletin which obtains for all our readers: “Although the season for catechism and societies has drawn to a close, let us not neglect reading and studying the Scriptures personally and in our family circles; as Jesus instructs us, ‘Search the Scriptures. . . . they are they which testify of me.”

From Fort Sill, Oklahoma a letter has come to our desk from one of our servicemen who would like to correspond with other P.R. young men in the Armed Forces. He is Pvt. Roger Kamphuis, U.S. 55 829 461; Battry A. 4th Bn. 28th Arty. Fort Sill, Okla. 73503. Roger writes that he is in the 175 MM Gun Section, which is self-propelled, and can travel 45-55 MPH, and has a range of 25 miles. Roger is a member of Hope Church in Grand Rapids and is interested in news about members of other P.R. churches, whether they be in the Army, Navy or Marines. How about it, men? Where are you, and what are you doing? Roger and we are waiting to hear from you.

South Holland’s consistory has announced a new form of worship which will be inaugurated when they occupy their new church edifice. Significant in this change is silent prayer by the entire congregation after which they rise to sing the doxology. The congregation is also asked to join in the singing of stanzas 1, 3 and 5 of Psalter No. 360 after each infant baptism ceremony; and that of Psalter No. 239 after a public confession of faith is made in the service.

Bulletin Quote: “If thou art not born again, all thy outward, reformation is naught. Thou hast shut the door, but the thief is still in the house.” Boston. 

. . . . . . see you in church