Our South Holland Church has called Rev. D. Engelsma, of Loveland, to be their pastor. Hull’s consistory has named the following trio, from which the congregation shall choose one: Revs. R. C. Harbach, D. Engelsma, and G. Lubbers. 

* * * 

Do you know that Bibles and Psalters are sorely needed by the Protestant Reformed people in Jamaica? If you have a used (or new) Bible or Psalter to spare, the Mission Board would like you to send it to Rev. G. Lubbers, who has been delegated to care for this need. His address: 2612 Central Ave., S.W., Wyoming, Mich. 49509. 

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Because of the classical reports which follow below, our regular news for this issue is severely abbreviated.

. . .see you in church. 


Report of the Meeting of Classis West Held on March 15, 16, 1967 in South Holland, Illinois 

All twelve churches in the West were represented at the meeting of Classis West held in South Holland, Illinois on March 15 and 16. Rev. G. Vanden Berg presided over this meeting. 

Classis made several decisions in regard to the vacancies in the West. 

1) Classis adopted a schedule of classical appointments: ISABEL & FORBES: April 2, 9, 16 – R. Decker; April 23, 30 May 7 – D. Engelsma; July 2, 9, 16 – G. Vanden Berg; August 6, 13, 20 – G. Lanting; September 10, 17 24 – B. Woudenberg. PELLA:May – G. Lanting; June – D. Engelsma; July – R. Decker; September – G. Vanden Berg. 

2) It requested Classis East to assist Classis West by supplying Randolph and South Holland, by supplying Hull with preaching, two Sundays a month, and by filling the pulpits of Isabel and Forbes (in conjunction) three Sundays in June. 

3) On the condition that Classis East agree, Classis West decided to overture Synod to schedule appointments to the vacant churches from now on. The reasons for this decision are the large number of vacancies and the small number of ministers in the West and the fact that the present method of setting up appointments has resulted in constant revising of adopted schedules. 

4) It decided to begin a library of taped sermons for use in the vacant churches and in the other churches when their ministers are on classical appointments. We asked South Holland’s consistory to take charge of this project. 

5) Hull was given permission to call ministers again whom they have called within the year.

6) The ministers in the West again were given the task of composing reading sermons for use in the vacant churches.

7) Classis appointed Rev. Lanting counselor of Forbes and Rev. Engelsma counselor of South Holland. 

Four appeals against decisions of the South Holland consistory and pertaining to actions of the South Holland School Board and School Association were judged by Classis to be illegally before the Classis because the matters were not finished in the minor assembly. Classis also noted that the error of treating a School Board and a School Association as if they were under the jurisdiction of a consistory was made in three of the appeals and in the treatment of the protests by the consistory. 

Classis gave a document from the Oak Lawn School Board to a committee for study and for advice at the next meeting of Classis. This document contained an objection to the accuracy of a report given Classis in September, 1966, by a former committee of Classis.

Oak Lawn’s consistory had a protest against decisions of the past Synod on the Agenda. They asked Classis to forward the protest to Synod — which Classis did — and to express agreement with the protest. Classis expressed that it could not agree with Oak Lawn that memorials in the name of a man are principally wrong. But it did express that it agreed with Oak Lawn in their contention that their overture to Synod in 1966 was properly before that body and that Synod therefore erred in rejecting it. 

The voting done by Classis resulted in the following: 

1) Delegates to Synod: 



D. Engelsma 

C. Hanko

G. Lanting

G. Vanden Berg


R. Decker

B. Woundenberg



J. Blankespoor

W. Feenstra

E. Hauck

C. Vandermolen


G. Broekhouse

G. Gunnink

H. Miersma

A. Vanden Top

2) Classical Committee: Rev. G. Lanting and Elder G. Hoekstra

3) Ass’t Stated Clerk: Rev. R. Decker

4) Church Visitors: Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. G Lanting

5) Delegates ad examina: Primus: Rev. D Engelsma;Secundo Rev. G. Lanting and Rev. B. Woudenberg

This meeting of Classis witnessed the arrival in Classis West of Rev. G. Lanting and. the departure to Classis East, of Rev: J. Kortering and, Rev. J. Beys. Rev. Heys being present, Classis expressed to him its appreciation for his work in the past twelve years and its prayer that God bless him also in his new sphere of labor. Rev. Heys bade farewell to the Classis, as Rev. Kortering did also — by letter. 

The next meeting of Classis West is scheduled to be held in Loveland, Colorado. 

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk 

Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches

Report of Classis East 

April 5, 1967 

at Southeast Church 

Rev. M. Schipper, chairman of the last classical meeting, led in the opening devotions, and after the credentials were accepted he declared the classis properly constituted. 

Rev. G. Van Baren then presided, while Rev. Schipper recorded the minutes. 

All the churches were represented by two delegates each, and classis finished its work shortly after the noon dinner. 

The routine reports of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee were filed for information. The Classical Committee was again mandated to come to the next classis with a Constitution. 

The brethren H. Ophoff and G. Holstege were appointed to serve on the Finance Committee. 

Classis West requested our classis to supply Randolph, South Holland, Hull, and the Dakota churches with classical appointments. Classis acceded to this request, appointed the committee: Rev. J. Kortering, and Elders H. Vander Kolk and R. Pastoor to make proposed schedule, which was later adopted as follows: 

Randolph: Apr. 16 – H. Veldman, Apr. 23 – G. Van Baren, May 7 – R. C. Harbach, May 21 – J. Kortering May 28 – M. Schipper, June 11 – R. C. Harbach, June 25 – G. Van Baren, July 2 – J. Heys, July 9 – J. Kortering. 

South Holland: Apr. 30 – J. Kortering, May 7 – G. Lubbers, May 14 – G. Van Baren, May 21 – R. C. Harbath, June 4 – H. Veldman, June 18 – J. Kortering, June 25 – M. Schipper, July 2 -R. C. Harbach, July 9 – G. Van Baren. 

Hull:. Apr. 30, May 7 – M. Schipper, May 28, June 4 – J. Heys, June 25, July 2 – H. Veldman. 

Isabel-Forbes: June 11, 18, 25 – G. Lubbers. 

Classis received notice of two appeals to synod by two protestants. 

Classis voted for Church Visitors, and Rev. H. Veldman and Rev. M. Schipper were chosen, with Rev. G Lubbers as alteinate for both. 

Mr. T. Elzinga was appointed to thank the ladies of Southeast Church for their excellent catering. 

Classis decided to meet next time in Hudsonville on the first Wednesday of July. 

The Questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered-satisfactorily. 

Classis adjourned, with Rev. R. C. Harbach offering the prayer of thanksgiving. 

M. Schipper, S.C.