Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC encouraged their congregation to get involved by asking friends, family, co-workers, or any others God had placed in their paths, to a Spring Lecture on Friday, May 21, at their church. The topic was “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt,” and the speaker was Prof. R. Dykstra. He spoke on the assurance of how God takes care of His people with everyday matters.

Rev. R. Kleyn, pastor of the Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA, spoke at a lecture on May 21 sponsored by their Evangelism Committee. Rev. Kleyn spoke on the subject, “What Is a Reformed Church?”

The Evangelism Committee of the Loveland, CO PRC recently informed their congregation of their brand-new web site located at www.lovelandprc.org. Besides a new look and easy-to-use links, the site also has an archive of Loveland’s sermons that you can listen to or download at your convenience.

The Evangelism Committee of the Hudsonville, MI PRC has once again made available a rack of pamphlets that are perfect for introducing the Christian and Reformed faith in the workplace. This workplace evangelism kit contains various introductory pamphlets that fit well on a ledge or coffee table in reception areas. Local restaurants, doctors’ offices, waiting rooms, and other social areas also provide an excellent opportunity to capitalize on people’s desire for something to read. Hudsonville has advertised this helpful tool to all of our PR churches.

Mission Activities

On Friday and Saturday, May 21 and 22, Rev. W. Bruinsma, our denomination’s missionary in Pittsburgh, PA, spoke at a conference north of Cincinnati, Ohio. There were four speeches on the points of Calvinism. Friday night Rev. Bruinsma gave one of the speeches on the subject, “The Christ of Unconditional Election.” On Saturday morning he gave another one of the speeches on the subject, “The Christ of Preservation and Perseverance.”

Rev. D. Kleyn and Rev. R. Smit, our denomination’s two missionaries in the Philippines, presented lectures to contacts in Bacolod City on the island of Negros on May 21. The conference in Bacolod City was the express desire of contacts there since last year. Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Smit presented some of the same speeches that they gave at an earlier conference on April 29-30 about Reformed church government and the particular grace of God. Rev. Smit returned to Manila on Saturday morning, but Rev. and Mrs. Kleyn traveled to Inayauan to visit the Reformed Free Church there. He accepted the offer of their pastor, Rev. E. Rosal, to lead the worship services there on Sunday.

Seminarian Vernon Ibe, with his wife and young son, left in early June to spend the summer at home in the Philippines.

Under the supervision of our two missionaries and the seminary professors, Mr. Ibe will be leading services both in Manila and in Gabaldon, teaching catechism classes, and participating as much as possible in the work of the congregation.

Sister-Church Activities

Rev. A. Stewart, along with his wife, Mary, and Francesco deLucia, traveled to Italy the first week in June, arriving first in Naples and then traveling on to Avellino, where Rev. Stewart planned to give two lectures on Predestination and Assurance to a small group there, with Mr. deLucia doing the translating.

Congregation Activities

Once again this summer the members of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI have the opportunity to enjoy an Adult Sunday School class. This class began the first week of June and was scheduled to run for eight weeks. This year’s theme: “Great Moments in Church History.” Eight men from the congregation volunteered to lead a class. It should be a most interesting and edifying hour.

On Sunday morning, May 16, Prof. R. Dykstra preached his final Heidelberg Catechism sermon at the Byron Center, MI PRC. Prof. Dykstra had supplied their pulpit on a regular basis during their vacancy, usually preaching every morning from the Catechism. To mark that occasion, a brief farewell was planned for that morning after the service.

A concert hosted by the Majestic Brass, together with Eric and Christa Phelps, was given on May 16 at the Hudsonville, MI PRC. Special numbers were also presented by the Young People’s Societies of Grace, Hudsonville, First in Grand Rapids, and Trinity. A collection was also taken to defray convention costs for these four societies.

The Grandville, MI PRC hosted this spring’s annual Psalm Choir program on Sunday evening, May 9. Always a nice way to bring the Lord’s Day to a close.

Minister Activities

On May 23 Rev. A. Spriensma was installed as the fourth pastor of the Byron Center, MI PRC. May 30 Rev. A. Brummel was installed as the first pastor of the newly organized Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD.

Rev. C. Haak declined the call from the Kalamazoo, MI PRC; Rev. G. Eriks the call from Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, IN; and Rev. A. Lanning the call from First PRC in Holland, MI.

Rev. J. Laning accepted the call to the Hull, IA PRC.

Rev. G. Eriks received the call from the Edgerton, MN PRC; and Trinity PRC in Hudsonville extended a call to Rev. J. Marcus.