News From Our Churches

Our church in Randolph, Wisconsin, has a new trio consisting of Rev. Rodney Miersma, Rev. James Slopsema, and Candidate Kenneth Koole, from which the congregation will select one to receive a call to serve as their pastor. 

Rev. Joostens of our Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan, stands before two choices with regard to the Christchurch, New Zealand area. He has received the call from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church there to labor in their midst for a period of five years, or he can be sent there under the sponsorship of our churches to labor for a period of one year. 

The new address of Rev. Wayne Bekkering is: 722 Wild Horse Valley, Katy, Texas 77450. Rev. Bekkering has recently been installed as the first pastor of the Trinity Protestant Reformed Church in Houston, Texas. Rev. Bekkering’s former charge in Randolph is receiving pulpit supply from our Seminary. 

Recently, our churches and schools in the Grand Rapids area have received a visitor from Australia—something that does not happen very often. Miss Marjorie Martin, from the Ryke Reformed Presbyterian Church of Sydney, Australia was scheduled to present a short talk on “Life in Australia from a Reformed Christian’s Viewpoint” in our Hudsonville Church on Friday, September 23. Miss Martin also illustrates her talks with a slide presentation of Australia. 

The Council of our church in South Holland, Illinois has decided to produce a pictorial church directory for 1978. A publishing company does the photography and publishes the directory at no cost to the church. The company offers the family portraits for sale to the church families. The directory, then, is not quite free. 

The Council of our South Holland Church has scheduled a number of special meetings during the past several months to continue their discussion as to how South Holland might meet the church’s calling regarding missions. 

The steering Committee of South Holland Young People’s Society was already meeting weeks before the 1977 PRYP Convention to make plans for the 1978 convention for which South Holland is host. 

On occasion, a little foreign language creeps into our church bulletins. The Edmonton bulletin has been known to print an appropriate text in the Dutch. Some months ago, the Hudsonville bulletin carried a notice that the Kerkeraad was scheduled to meet. In order to assist those of us not very well versed in the Dutch, the English equivalent of kerkeraad or church council was also printed.

Our church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is located a considerable distance from any other of our churches. Edmonton, therefore, does not often receive visits from other of our ministers. The last Sunday in July must have been just a little bit special, then, as the congregation had the privilege of having three ministers in their services, their pastor, Rev. Moore, and Rev. Miersma of Isabel, South Dakota, and Rev. Lubbers of Pella, Iowa. Rev. Miersma and Rev. Lubbers visited Edmonton with their families on vacation and both consented to preach in Edmonton while visiting there. 

On the 5th of July, the Edmonton congregation sponsored a special public lecture under the theme “The Interpreting of The Bible.” Rev. Moore treated the Biblical and hence the only proper Christian viewpoint of Hermeneutics. Edmonton also maintains their distinctive Reformed witness in the community with the distribution of a monthly paper authored by their pastor entitled “Biblical Studies of the Reformed Faith.” 

Nurseries for the care of small children during the Sunday service seem to be a much more common practice than was formerly seen in our churches. Recently Southwest, Hull, and Edmonton have instituted nursery care—at least during the morning service. This is usually accompanied by a request for nursery ‘volunteers’ and some children’s toys. A few weeks later will usually see a set of rules approved by the consistory published in the bulletin. 

A Quiet Thought taken from Toplady in the Southeast bulletin: “The book of life, or decree of election, is the marriage register of the saints; in which their everlasting espousal to Christ stands indelibly recorded by the pen of God’s free and eternal love.”