Young People’s Activities

The Young People’s Society of the Doon, IA PRC hosted a Seniors Game Night the evening of March 22 for all the members of their congregation 60 years old and older. All “senior” members were invited to join together for a night of fellowship, Psalter singing, and games.

The Young People of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC hosted an ice cream social as a fundraiser for this summer’s young people’s convention following their Prayer Day service, March 9.

The Young People’s Society of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI sponsored a Second-Best Sale on March 25 and 26 in the lower level of their church. Sale items included gently used infant to adult clothing, as well as toys, sporting goods, etc…. In other words, something for everyone. Proceeds went towards the upcoming convention.

On Sunday evening, March 20, the young people of the Grandville, MI PRC hosted a singspiration at their church. All the members of the nearby churches were invited and encouraged to join the Grandville congregation as they ended the Lord’s Day singing praises to our God.

The Young People’s Society of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada invited the young people of neighboring First PRC in Edmonton to join them for a Toonie Night at the CACH gym on April 1. A donation of a Toonie per person was requested to cover the cost of the evening. Snacks and drinks were provided. I should also add that my “go to” expert on all things Canadian informs me that a Toonie is a two-dollar coin.

On Friday evening, April 1, the young people of the Hull, IA PRC enjoyed a “Where’s Waldo” activity in Sioux Falls, with a stop for pizza afterward.

Young Adults Activities

The Young Adult Society of the Loveland, CO PRC hosted their annual Young Adults Retreat on March 7-10 at the YMCA in Estes Park. Rev. S. Key and Rev. R. Kleyn were this year’s featured speakers. Each man spoke on the general theme “Communion of the Saints.” Those who attended this year’s retreat had opportunities to explore the mountainsides on snowshoes, play in a volleyball tournament, or just relax at the Y while enjoying good Christian fellowship with others from around the country. Loveland’s consistory also oversaw a Prayer Day service at the YMCA as part of the Young Adult Retreat. Rev. Kleyn led that worship service.

Denomination Activities

The Men’s Society of the Hull, IA PRC invited all the men from the area churches to a combined Men’s Society meeting at Trinity Christian High School on March 24. Bible discussion, led by Rev. R. Miersma, was from 
II Corinthians 8:1. After-recess discussion was led by Rev. D. Overway on the topic, “Christian Liberty.”

The Senior Singles Fellowship of the area churches in West Michigan enjoyed their first meeting of the year on March 31. After lunch at a Hudsonville, MI restaurant, they drove to the Fellowship Hall of the Trinity PRC for a program given by the students of Genesis Preschool.

On April 6, Rev. K. Koole and Rev. A. Lanning were scheduled to depart on a trip to Singapore and then to Australia/Tasmania on behalf of our denomination’s Contact Committee. Plans called for them to spend two Sundays in Singapore and one Sunday, April 24, in Launceston, Tasmania. The work in Singapore involved finalizing what is necessary for our churches and Covenant ERC to reestablish sister-church relations. Last year’s synod authorized sending a committee to commemorate, with the EPCA, their 50th anniversary, as well as to discuss further our corresponding relationship. May the Lord be pleased to use their work to manifest the unity of the truth that He has given us with the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore and the Evangelical Presbyterian Churches of Australia. The men hoped to return home on April 27.

Mission Activities

The Consistory of the Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines, has decided that instead of working towards a sister-church relationship with our churches at the same time as working towards a federation with the First Reformed Church of Bulacan, the Consistory will focus its time and energy, for now, on the work of federation with FRCB. The Consistory believes that it would be wise that a future denomination of their church and the FRCB seek a sister-church relationship with our churches after federation has been completed, the Lord willing.

We can also report that messages of the Reformed Witness Hour are now being translated by Pastor John Flores of the FRCB. These translated messages are being used by the All of Grace PR Fellowship in Gabaldon on the Sundays when the Kleyns cannot be present. Translation began with the 2010 messages and the hope is to continue eventually into 2011. These translated messages are also posted on our missionaries’ audio and literature page. Here’s the

Congregation Activities

The men of the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI enjoyed their second annual Men’s Breakfast on March 19. Breakfast began at 7:30, with discussion beginning at 8, led by Mr. Darren Vink. The men of First, young and old, were invited to come and enjoy great fellowship in a relaxing atmosphere.

Rev. M. VanderWal bid farewell to the congregation of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA on April 3. Rev. VanderWal preached his farewell sermon from II Peter 3:14-18 under the theme, “Diligence in Preservation.” After the service, Hope’s congregation bid farewell with a program thanking the VanderWal family for their years of service on their behalf.

Minister Activities

The Edgerton, MN PRC has extended a call to Rev. D. Kuiper to serve as their next pastor.

Rev. A. Lanning received the call to serve as the next pastor of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA.