Our church at Pella, Iowa, has had the services of Rev. D. Kuiper for six weeks, and he was followed by Rev. D. Engelsma for his six-week stint. These men are kept busy, preaching, teaching and lecturing. Rev. Kuiper’s lectures were on, “Holding to the Truth,” and, “The Nearness of the End”. Rev. Kuiper spoke highly of the lively interest of the children and young people in the catechism classes. The little flock in Pella now numbers twenty-six souls.

Synod, 1969, is history. The business was conducted with dispatch under the capable leadership of Rev. C. Hanko, who presided over this session of Synod. First Church of Grand Rapids has been named the calling church for 1970.

The Hope School Graduation Exercises were held June 4 in their church. Rev. Engelsma, of Loveland, was the Commencement speaker.

Sunday, June 8, in a between-Synodical-sessions-trade-about, Rev. VanBaren preached in Randolph, Wisc., and his own pulpit was supplied by Rev. C. Hanko, former minister of First Church, and Rev. R. Decker, son of the church.

Rev. Engelsma declined the call he had from Hull, Iowa; and Pella was disappointed with Rev. Lanting’s decision to remain in Edgerton, Minn.

The Commencement program of Doon’s school was held in the auditorium of Hull’s church. Rev. Decker addressed the graduates in a speech entitled, “Jehovah our Light.”

Not many of us get to read Lynden’s bulletins, so we would like to share with you an item of interest found in the June 1 issue: “After repeated invitations, our pastor is presently making plans to visit various Primitive Baptist Churches in Tennessee and Alabama which have corresponded most regularly to our Study Program. He plans to fly there and stay from the 20th to the 30th of June, during which time he will speak in a number of churches and visit with many Christian friends in those areas.”

Doon’s June first bulletin announced that they had received into their membership two confessing members and four baptized members of another family.

Adams St. School Graduation Exercises were held in First Church, with Prof. H.C. Hoeksema giving the Commencement Address.

From Randolph we learn that three of their four Servicemen are stationed in Vietnam; that four of their young folk plan to attend the Convention in Redlands; that their Young People’s Society closed the Season’s activities with a Memorial Day Outing to which the young people of Oak Lawn were invited. Randolph also plans to host the September meeting of Classis West and the Officebearer’s Conference which precedes it.

At a May 26 Congregational Meeting the members of our Hull church adopted the proposal of their Building Committee to remodel the front entrance of the church.

The latest “Reformed Witness” pamphlet by our Western Churches was written by Rev. Engelsma, and was entitled, “Lawlessness.” Over 600 copies of this issue were mailed in the Loveland area alone! Loveland’s Prot. Ref. Chr. School is making its presence felt in the neighborhood. Next year’s fast grade will number four, three of which are not members of Loveland’s church! The prospect of enlarging their school is greatly enhanced by the interest shown in Christian education by “outsiders” who are impressed with the quality of the education given in their school.

The consistory of First Church, of Grand Rapids, has decided to limit the celebration of the Lord’s Supper to the morning service only. This involved some family planning of making provisions for caring for little infants, and some rearranging of nursery scheduling, which seems to have been implemented quite adequately on the first attempt Sunday, June 15, when the decision was put into effect.

The news of Rev. Vanden Berg’s recuperation is quite encouraging. The large body cast has been removed and a smaller one applied, and he can now walk with the aid of crutches. Sunday, June 8, he was able to attend both services among the worshippers; and he offered to preach for one service the next Sunday. It is reported that he is in good spirits, profoundly grateful for having experienced the tender mercies of his Lord while confined in a state of immobility. 

…see you in church,