News From Our Churches

The Council of our Southeast Church in Grand Rapids has proposed a trio of the following ministers: Rev. Arie den Hartog, Rev. David Engelsma, and Rev. Jason Kortering. One of these brethren will be chosen to receive a call from the Southeast congregation to serve as their pastor during the course of the annual congregational meeting scheduled for December 4. 

Southwest Church’s new pastor is now living in the church parsonage at 2612 Central Ave., Grand Rapids. Rev. and Mrs. DeVries can be reached by phone at 616-538-3948.

Hudsonville has scheduled a combined societies Christmas gathering on December 6. This sounds like a fine idea—when all the societies of the church can meet together. Rev. Van Overloop is scheduled to show slides on his work in New Zealand. 

Have you written to Rev. Harbach in Victoria and Rev. Heys in New Zealand yet? Their addresses were printed in the last issue of the S.B