News From Our Churches

Professor H. Hanko declined the call he had received from our congregation in Redlands, California. Redlands’ new trio consists of Rev. Marvin Kamps, Rev. Kenneth Koole, and Rev. Richard Moore. One of our ‘retired’ ministers, Rev. M. Schipper, has been preaching in Redlands for the month of February. 

Two more ministers have declined calls extended to them. Rev. Marvin Kamps declined his call from our Lynden congregation to be home missionary in the Northwest Washington area. Rev. David Engelsma declined the call extended to him by our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan. 

A public worship service was held on Friday, January 25, in our church in Doon, Iowa, for the purpose of installing Rev. Arie den Hartog into the office of Missionary. Rev. Kamps preached the sermon and Rev. James Slopsema read the form for the ordination of a missionary unto the heathen. The consistory at Doon invited the congregation of Hull and Edgerton to worship with the congregation at Doon and to witness the installation of Rev. den Hartog. 

On the evening preceding the installation service in Doon, a Welcome Program was held for Rev. den Hartog and his family by the Doon congregation. There were special numbers by the children, young people, men’s quartet, ladies’ sextet, and others. A fellowship hour followed after the program with refreshments served by the Ladies Society. 

Rev. den Hartog preached his inaugural sermon onRomans 1:16 at the Sunday morning worship service in Doon on January 27. The den Hartogs left for Singapore on the following Tuesday afternoon and were scheduled to arrive in Singapore on Friday, February 1, at 1:10 P.M.

Previous to his installation, Rev. den Hartog was assisting Rev. Kuiper in the execution of his duties in Lynden, Washington. This was done at the request of the Lynden consistory in order that Rev. Kuiper could spend more time in church extension work in Mt. Vernon and Monroe, Washington. Rev. den Hartog had quite a long wait for his visa and work permit from the government in Singapore. 

It had been previously reported on this page that Rev. den Hartog was installed as missionary. This information was reported incorrectly in bulletins of two of our churches. So, rumors (wishful thinking) even find their way into church bulletins. We apologize, Doon, for the incorrect report. 

Rev. and Mrs. Joostens were blessed with the birth of a baby boy, Paul Alan, on January 11. Rev. Joostens was able to preach again on January 27 after having been absent from the pulpit since mid December due to a rather serious viral blood infection. Rev. Joostens is slowly taking up his labors as the Lord again gives him strength. Rev. Joostens attained the distinction of becoming a United States citizen in January. 

Rev. George Lubbers underwent surgery on February 11. 

Rev. Robert Harbach has been forced to suspend preaching and teaching because of his deteriorating eyesight. He looks forward to cataract surgery in the future. 

Due to a snow storm a soup supper scheduled in our church in Loveland, Colorado, had to be postponed from January 25 to January 28. 

Rev. Wayne Bekkering, pastor of our Trinity Church in Houston, Texas, and Mr. Clare Prince from First Church in Grand Rapids and their wives spent 17 days in Jamaica, returning on January 31. The emissaries were very busy bringing the Word, and dealing with many matters spiritual and practical pertaining to the minister, churches, and the people in Jamaica. It is the testimony of our emissaries that God has called his people also on the island of Jamaica. 

Rev. C. Hanko, who has been in Bradenton, Florida, since the first week of January, recently gave a report of his work to the consistory and congregation of First Church in Grand Rapids. The work in Bradenton is a church extension activity conducted by First Church. Rev. Hanko writes that average attendance at worship services has been 45, 58% of which were non-Protestant Reformed visitors. Concerning the services, Rev. Hanko testifies that the messages were “well received.” He adds that, “Every week we see familiar faces and meet those who are regular visitors, but we also meet new faces from Sunday to Sunday.” Rev. Hanko plans to stay in Bradenton through Sunday, March 2. Rev. Joostens plans to be in Bradenton March 9 through 30. 

The address of Rev. George Lanting is: 2554 Newport, Fort Collins, CO 80521.