News From Our Churches

What is the “Tape Room”? South Holland Protestant Reformed Church has a tape room in the balcony, in which you will find a catalogue listing hundreds of tapes of sermons and lectures, from which tapes can be easily ordered. The Evangelism Committee says that these tapes can be borrowed without charge or you can purchase a tape for $3.00.

Over the past year the Reformed Witness Committee of Hope Protestant Reformed Church, in Walker, has received a very large number of requests for tapes, literature, Bibles, etc. from individuals and groups in many areas of the world. Here are a few of the replies that they received. 

Belfast, Northern Ireland:

“. . . .I would like to thank you for the tapes you are sending to us. They are a great blessing to us and other Christians in the Reformed Faith. . . .I had a large selection of Protestant Reformed leaflets on the book stall and by the end of the week most of them were gone. . . . Yours in Christ, Desmond Callendor.” 


“. . . .These tapes go into our GLTS tape library. In fact, we have gatherings regularly on almost every Sunday night to hear tapes and messages from overseas. Rest assured that these tapes will be in good use. . . . Love in Christ, Johnson See Choon Hock.” 

Accra, Ghana

“This is to inform you of the safe arrival of your recent parcels, one the cassettes and the other Covenant Witness booklets. I now understand why you are getting mail from Ghana. On Sunday I opened my wireless set to my favorite station ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia and your witness program was on. It is the best Christian radio station in Africa. Yours in the service of the Lord. G.L. Anigba Evangelistic Assn.”

Since I mentioned Singapore, here are excerpts from a letter Rev. Arie den Hartog wrote to the First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, January 18, 1983, and which was subsequently printed in the March issue of ACROSS THE AISLE.

“We immediately got back into the work. Later in the day on which we got back, I attended a public engagement of two of the church members. . . The next day I already had to preach and teach Sunday School in the church. I had part of this sermon made while still in the U.S.A. 

“We were surprised to hear when we came back that there are now eight couples in the church planning to get married. So I am busy giving pre-marriage classes to three couples presently and later to the rest. . . . 

“There is still no news from the Singapore government either on the registration of our church or on the tax exempt status for our church. All of this is sure taking a very long time. There are also no new developments as far as purchasing property for the church.”

The Jamaica Missions Committee of First Church states that Rev. Miersma will return on April 5. You may wonder why three ministers went to Jamaica. Rev. Joostens went “because he is the pastor of the church responsible for the field. He then can bring back a first hand report to our consistory, who must make recommendations to Synod ’83 concerning our future labors on this field. Rev. Flikkema and Rev. Miersma are both on our denominational Mission Committee and are then also involved in the oversight of the field.” 

If you want to discuss how to discipline children constructively, from the very young through their teen years; how we can teach (children) to be more spiritually minded in friends they choose, music they listen to, places they go; what are the implications of making children feel guilty in specific actions they do, and long lasting guilt; what effect the use of liquor and tobacco in the home has on children’s attitudes; and many other topics, make sure you attend the Child Development Conference on April 8, 1983, at Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church. 

Loveland Protestant Reformed Church had this to say about the lottery in its January 30 bulletin: 

“Since the Colorado government has instituted the public lottery, it is good for us to remind ourselves that the use of the lottery is forbidden us: 

1. It contributes to covetousness, the root sin of all gambling. I Tim. 6:10 and Eph. 5:5. Also 8th commandment.

2. It exposes us to poor stewardship wasting what God has given us on buying chances. Eph. 4:8; Heid. Cat. Q. 110. 

3. It corrupts government, their duty is to raise revenue by taxes, not gambling. Rom. 13:6, 7. Rather, let us be content with what our gracious God has given to each of us and use it in His service. Phil. 4:11-13.”