News From Our Churches

The Rev. H. Veldman, of Hope Church in Grand Rapids, has received (and declined) a call from our Randolph congregation, and is considering a call from our Hudsonville Church, his nearest neighbor. 

Edgerton, Minn: has extended a call to Rev. G. Lubbers, of Southwest Church in Grand Rapids.

South Holland’s congregation planned two evenings, July 19 and 20, for a double celebration: their 40th anniversary and the dedication of their new church. The first program centered around the dedicatory message by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema. Organ music was furnished by Mrs. George Vroom; and the choral society sang three numbers. Rev. M. Schipper, of Grand Rapids, gave the “charge to the congregation.” This charge he found in Hebrews. 12:23, “Let us hold fast the profession of faith without wavering.” Rev. Schipper reminded the flock that they profess their hope at every service; that objectively it is impossible that the Church, the Elect of God, can ever lose that hope; but, subjectively, it is possible, and therefore the Word of God comes with the exhortation to hold it fast. The speaker closed with the comforting word, “Our hope is in the heavens, from whence the Lord shall come to take us unto Himself.” 

The main speaker, who gave the “dedicatory message,” based his message on Psalm 52:9, under the theme, “Undying Praise of God For His Work.” This was divided under three headings: what God has done; that God has done it; and the proper acknowledgement thereof. The speaker summed up what God has done in the physical and in the spiritual realm for the congregation these past forty years. That God has done it:—that the house of God, the church, was in God’s counsel before the world, was established in the blood of Immanuel, realized by the Spirit of Christ, preserved in His providence, and to be perfected in the day of Christ,—that this is all the work of God by sovereign grace only. The professor found the proper acknowledgement in the text: undying praise, before our children, among ourselves, and in the world. The speaker comforted the congregation with the promise that in the midst of our unfaithfulness we still have a hopeful expectation because God has done it and will perfect it at His coming. 

At the July 19 meeting the keys of the new church were accepted for the congregation by Elder B. Wories, vice-president of the consistory, from the hands of Mr. Gise VanBaren, of the Building Committee. Rev. Heys led in prayer and in the reading of Psalm 84, which had been chosen as the Dedication Psalm. After the program opportunity was given to tour the building and enjoy refreshments in the basement. 

The second evening of celebration brought some disappointments to the congregation. Two of the “sons of the congregation” scheduled to give greetings were unable to attend. They were the Rev. G. Lanting, pastor of our Holland Church, and. Rev. G. VanBaren, of First Church in Grand Rapids. Rev. H. Veldman, a baptized member at the time of their organization, was present to voice his greetings, as also Rev. R. Decker, of Doon, Iowa, who appeared on the platform to give his greetings. This program included the choir, a trumpet solo by William Lenting, a poem by Miss Beth VanBaren, and Mrs. Ernest Medema at the console of the organ. This meeting was opened by their pastor, Rev. Heys, and closed by Rev. H. Veldman.

Rev. C. Hanko was in his familiar pulpit again for one service on July 17, and hoped to fill it twice the next week. He writes, “I am making a very good recovery, for which we are all very grateful.”

A notice appeared in the July 24th bulletin of South Holland that the clothing (1400 lbs.) and shoes (400 pairs) were so gratefully received by the Jamaican congregations of Rev. Elliott and Rev. Frame. One of the recipients wrote, “Let me first give thanks to our Covenant God, for it is He Who has provided all things through you and the Spirit which He puts in your hearts and love towards us as brothers and sisters, to send us these material things which we need.” The notice also gave credit to the churches of Pella, Randolph, and Hudsonville for helping in the expenses of shipping and of duty.

The following important notice was found in First Church’s July 31st bulletin: “Rev. and Mrs. VanBaren are the grateful recipients of a son, Daniel Glenn, born to them last Thursday evening at Blodgett Hospital. We extend to them and to their family the indispensable blessing of our God, and commit them now and in the future to His care and keeping.”

Redlands’ congregation experienced a mild exodus this month. Five of their young people left for Michigan to attend the Young People’s Convention; and six families took car and trailer on a trip through the Northwest, converging on our Lynden Church for two Sundays, making new and renewing old acquaintances amongst our own people while on a vacation.

News Flash: The newly acquired church in Forbes, N. Dakota suffered extensive damage from a tornado Sunday evening, July 31. The steeple was blown down, and the entire building was set askew on its foundation, wrecking much of the interior. It is estimated that repairs would cost more than the original investment. 

. . . .see you in church.